Friday, March 27, 2009

What's been up lately...

All the things that I am passing by as I am endlessly running....

Sickness (first all of us)
then me for over two weeks
then my hubbie for over a week
then me again!
( of course with sickness comes medical bills!- Ours was over 300 in way less than two weeks! No fun right!)

We were moving- my husband and mom and dad actually saw the house and dh signed the lease without me actually seeing it--- read back a few months to my control issue post :) Hmmm. I really did very well to be honest!

We begin moving. If you have moved you know how that is!

We renovated the bathroom at the house literally over the weekend- from the flooring up literally! We had to move a 500 lb Clawfoot tub in order to change the flooring. Hubby had fun!

We are still moving in, boxes everywhere, now we have mattresses! Yeah!

So for fun my laptop is sitting on my newly installed mattress and we leave during a thunderstorm because the electricity went off and the back porch get broken into, they break my bedroom window and steal the laptop!

AKKKKKKK.. I wasnt so upset about the laptop persay I was upset becasue of all my stuff- PICTURES (with no backup... lesson learned! All my favorite blogs, all my favorites period, my files, all my downloads for home school, everything! It is very unsettling but it could have been simply a crashed harddrive that did the same thing so really LESSON LEARNED ON BACK UPS!

camera lost AGAIN. We are hoping it is actually in the house somewhere but I have not come across it!

All the little things that happen in general, just lifes little hiccups seem to have happened in the last few weeks.

But... good things have happened also. The best being how I have handled most of the hiccups! I really think that I saw the fruit of my labor.... I have been working so hard to change some things I truly feel like I am making a "little" bit of progress!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello out there.. can anybody hear me.

Okay, you know when things dont turn out how you want them too? Or things just arent going your way. Well I have had just a little bit of that going on lately! I have been very busy and blogging has just totally taken second place...actually less than second it has been like 6 or 7th place!

I feel like I am running a race but there is no finish line.

I need to see the finish line! I need to know that things will come to an end. I was just talking to a few friends today at our home school support group... we were talking about phases our kids go through and how nice it was that we KNEW it was just a phase and would last for so long than be over! That is so true....most things our kids do is a phase! Some phases I am SOOOOOOOO glad to get rid of, others I wish would stay a little longer!

but back to my race... I am running and running and running. The good part is that I dont feel out of breath or that I am struggling. Does that make sense. I dont see a light at the end of the tunnel but it doesnt feel scary or bad. I feel like I am just in a phase that will last however long it lasts.

I know I didnt move around the world or anything but there have still been some MAJOR adjustments! Really!

So I am running... but heck at least I am not standing still!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

sorry, sorry, sorry!

Okay, laptop is out of the picture so I could not get on all week! I am at my limit!!!!

Okay winner of the give away is BRENDA at the Family Revised!!!!!

Yeah. Tracy will get hold of you Brenda and get you a catalog!

More LATER... I Promise!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog update put on hold cuz today is my babys bday!

Okay all you people out there who have gotten to the point in your life where you have had your last child...what did you DO when the last one turned 6!

I mean 5 is still a baby right! 5 is still little! But 6, that is a whole new world! I can hardly stand it! I have attempted for the past few days to get her to decide NOT to turn 6. I have bribed, cajoled, harassed and possibly provoked...

she finally told me, "MOM, God made me grow."

So I concede and she IS going to turn 6 today. She thinks she is 6 now, we will talk about labor and birth minute later on in life!

I however will remind all of you about the labor and birth minute for a while!

If any of you think Emily is difficult now~ Yes, I know you have ALL thought that before! Well she was literally BORN this way. I had so many problems with her pregnancy! Bed rest for weeks and weeks~ with two, basically toddlers! I had doctor appointments out the wazoo! Thanks MOM, AMY and whoever else EVER had to drive me to an appointment in GALVESTON!

Finally the finale of her pre birth was hospitalization! Fun times. They put me in the hospital on Jan. 22 for about a week, then let me go on home on complete bed rest but than on Feb 13 I was back in the hospital! I stayed there for a few days and than was moved to a domicile (no not from going nuts, that was a place people stayed who needed to be close to the hospital, with nursing care but not AT the hospital every day) Anyhoo, so I got to the domicile, this SMALL little room, with a small little bathroom and a TV. AND there I stayed, minus my MANY visits back and forth to the hospital labor and delivery room and doctors appointments, until March 12! Why did I get to leave my little cubby room on March 12, because Emily finally decided she had had enough of my tummy and was whooshed from my womb into the big wide world!

So two days later I got to go home for the first time in over a month! It was very exciting for me, I felt weird and strange! Other people (MY FAMILY!!!!) had kept Matt and Kate for so long and I had so little contact with them, I was depressed and it took me a really, really long time to get back to myself!

Is it bad that I now wish for those days at the domicile back???

No really. I love my kids, and I cannot BELIEVE that my youngest is turning 6! She is getting to big! No more baby hands. No more "whining" (hey I can dream cant I). Actually the whining has gotten much it is the MOUTH. I have no idea where she gets it from... (wink, wink).

So here is my baby all grown up now!!!!

Yes, she got a grown up present...her very own Nintendo DS.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey you guys...

I am back! In honor of my grand re opening of the blog, I am going to have a give away. I am going to give away a prize from UPPERCASE LIVING!!!

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Tommorow... I will have a blog update about where I have been the last few weeks and what the family has been up to all this time! I cant wait to read all your blogs again and get caught up on my favorite bloggers lives!

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