Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BELATED----Happy Birthday Kaitlin

My girl turned 13 a few days ago... I will admit that this birthday got me.

We are opting to not refer to her as a teenager-- we prefer to refer to her as a young lady or young woman. We are going to VERY slowly work into a few more privileges but I do mean slowly.

I don't really think privileges need to come with age as much as they need to come with maturity and timing, but we are working on things and teaching and training.

She is doing wonderful at choir, she has a concert on Dec 2 and is participating in a regional competition in Jan.

Kaitlin is still a lover of animals! She currently has three geckos, two hermit crabs, a drawf hamster and a new guinea pig she got for her birthday.

She is still drawing and her ability amazes me....

Kaitlin is growing up... I can't stop it! I don't want to really, I want to see the woman she becomes. However I will forever miss the baby, toddler, 5 year old, 7 year old, 9 year old, 11 year old etc that she was....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent: 2011

Advent begin last night... I felt frustration because I have none of my Christmas stuff out and we are leaving for vacation so we will be gone on the road for two Sunday's.  Sigh....

but it's all good.

I worked it out.  I ordered a magnetic advent set (yes, you lose some of the loveliness, but hey hotels and candles don't always go well together!) from CBD catalog.

So we "lit" our first candle last night, we sat downstairs with moms tree and twinkling lights
and it was peaceful.....

I read the first day of our book for Advent, Jothams Journey--- out loud.

next the kids got to open their first ADVENT package----
a Lego City Advent Calender that will start on Dec 1

So we are definitely doing it differently than last year, but its just how things are working out this year-- an 11 day trip in the middle of December kind of throws everything out of whack let me tell you! 
I don't know if I will do a trip on these dates again....

Monday, November 21, 2011

a gratitude post

a little worrying-- but the worry was over what I should do not over the actual reason for the situation in the first place

but mostly I just calmly dealt with the situation and wondered what I should/ could do...

We moved out of our rental property on September 30 and the landlord has 30 days to get your deposite back to you... well our landlord who is the sweetest "old" lady in the world has recently become extremely ill-- like deathbed ill and her son has taken over the properties.

We were concerned as he was not really taking care of things as they should be taken care off.

We have attempted to be in contact with them but trying to be tactful of his mom who is literally no longer able to speak with a breathing machine-- LIKE i literally check the obituaries every other day to see if she has passed away (morbid I know but what's a girl to do?)

NO, for a little money I would simply let it go but this was a substantial amount of cash, well over a thousand dollars, which to be honest... we need.

So anyway we were patient, discreet and understanding and TRULY wanting to be patient, discreet and understanding!!! but also truly wanting our deposit back if you know what I mean... I was unsure what would happen if she did pass away---?

I didnt want to file legal paperwork- I did not want to just forget about the money so were were just in limbo... waiting on the son.

Well I recieved a text this morning that he has mailed the check!

Thank you GOD. I am proud of the way Dave and I have responded to this. The kids and I have all prayed for both Mrs. Martha and her son. It was a learning experience of real life and a "what can you do situation" or better yet "what should a Christian do" situation...

I believe we handled it properly and am so happy that it is done and over!

I am glad for the money but truthfully I am more glad that the situation is over... does that make sense?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

quick thought

Our pastor said this during our Wed night Bible study...

If you are busy giving God the glory, you won't be busy saying woe is me.

I like it.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cant it just be easy?

so I am on day 11 of daily meds for my headaches and the side effects are pretty awful, not sure I want this instead of headaches. I feel pretty bad.

what's a girl to do?

I am in contact with the doctor about the side effects and she is aware and has lessened the dose and has me taking them till Monday and will reevaluate whats going on then-- I also have another appointment on the 18th.

I am so weary of putting these drugs into my system that I KNOW do horrible things but yet I can't really live with the headaches either.

Please pray for something to give.

I would like to get back to some normalcy-- I would like to just feel like doing stuff with some consistency. I would like to not have headaches...

on the flip side I think the meds must have a weight suppressant of some sort because I do feel as though I am "hungry" less, now if only I was feeling better so that I don't eat out of boredom from just sitting and feeling bad--- which IS happening sometimes (although truthfully NOT that often, so that is great!)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bloggy catch up...

I cannot express my gratefulness that it is now November! For one, I DETEST the holiday of October-- we are one of the non celebraters....not. at. all.

I feel grieved most of the month to be honest... just a heaviness in my spirit. it is in every shop, comerical, show, radio station.... it is everywhere devouring the wonderfulness that is fall. the leaves turning, the hot weather fluttering away, the jeans being dusted off, the flip flops being stowed away (okay that is pushing it).... but really I just wish it didn't devour the whole month! I with it was all cutesy costumes and without gore... and I wouldn't mind as much...

Being at the parents house they had bought candy to give out but after gore doorbell number two they shut off the light and we ate the candy our self! :0) Yeah.

SO anyway---- on to our NOVEMBER... whoo hoo! I have yet to snag me some pumpkin patch pics.. might just not do it this year! The kids DO. NOT. COOPERATE. very well and I end up not happy so much.

I might not be much of a celebrater ( I think I might be making up some words and verb usage this post) of October but November and December are my MONTHS! Bring it all on! The smell of cinnamon pine cones, wreaths, glitter, bells ringing, music, wrapping paper, hot chocolate, turkey and dressing....yes. I. say. YES.

I also am a fan of daylight savings time being OVER.  I mean I love long summer days but I am also over it by now... when it is 7:00 o'clock and I am gearing up to get the kids settled down with baths and on the way towards bed I like it to be DARK OUTSIDE!  Plus when I cozy next to hubs with a movie or show I like it to be DARK OUTSIDE....  so it is always a bonus for me when we hafta change our clocks!

I got my FIRST Gingerbread Latte of the S.E.A.S.O.N last night!  Oh. YES. I. Did.  So very exciting!  I will tell you they have gone up in price and I will not be getting many of them over the next few months unless I am gifted those purty little gift cards BUT still tonight's splurge was nice because I just had my oldest girlie girl in the van with me and we had a STARBUCK date after church!

Okay last catch up and there are PICTURES....the grandparents took the kids to the carnival-- one of our favorite season past times!  YOU know fall is in the air when you hear the Carnie yellin down on Spencer!

BTW... the best catch up of all is the ALL three of my children got baptized last Sunday and pictures are coming SOON!  :0)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011