Thursday, July 9, 2009

why I cant seem to post...

Hmmm. let me ponder that questin for awhile?

I really do not know. I mean I am busy but I was busy before and still posted?

yMy mil really misses me posting and I dont her I think the real reason I am not posting as much is sadly enough because of my camera. I dont think most of my readers can understand the depths of my sadness at being with out a camera! My memories are pictures! It really makes me sad, everytime I post that I dont have a camera! But enough whining!

So what has happened since last I posted???

America has celebrated the day of Independance... it was spent with family and friends! We had a wonderful weekend, but boy were we tired when we got back home!

DH and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. Yes 12 years! In this day and age it is like equal to our 50th! I really wonder what the percentage of people our age actually last till their 12 anniversary! I am sure it is small.

My baby boy turned 9 years old. That surprises me even more than the anniversary! I still dont think I comprehend it very well. Yesterday he commenced to ask me all the things a boy gets to do when he turns 10- because well he's already turned 9 and his thoughts are all about the double digits! So he asked about four wheeling and he asked about his drivers liscense! akkkk

We had the "s*x" talk with Matt. That was enlighting! He had the weirdest questions: one of which was the question... about where can you have s*x! It was loads of fun I assure you!

We are planning next years AHG! Busy

I am planning next years BSCH... which btw the moms planning meeting went very, very well. People were very open to the website and changing things some! I am very excited about this coming year! I have plans!

I am working on next years school plans and feeling good becasue I feel like I have a plan and I have a way to be accountable! I need accountability!

I guess that's all for now..

Oh yesterday Emily got sand art sand all down her ear and we had to go to urgent care for them to irrigate the ear! The doctor and nurse said it was the weirdest foreign object they had retrieved from the ear becasue it wasnt simply beach sand but craft art sand! It was 45.00 extra from our budget plus dinner out but life is life! We will make up for it somewhere! We are trying to be so careful and doing a pretty darn good job of it! At one point I told Emily that this was her only foreign object withdrawel that we would pay for the next one was on her! She looked so solemn and serious that I couldnt help laughing! She was very brave until the doctor brought out a syringe of warm solution and she got kindof worried... she was so worried she couldnt even talk and little tears just ran down her face. It was very traumatic and I could hardly stand her being so worried and scared!

Anyway! There is our past couple of days! How has your life been!