Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 125-130


I managed to make it to Emily's theater ON time-- actually a few minutes early, with Starbucks in tow and everything Emily needed PLUS what Kaitlin needed for choir.  Whewww. It went really well.

We got home and Dave took the truck to work-- my van is STILL in the shop!

We did math, vocab and read Little Woman.

We also did Physics- Emily's book is lost- {{{sigh}}}  We used Nerf guns to demonstrate trajectory.. because that is how we roll in this house!

We reviewed Latin, did BIBLE and also started catching up our history notebooks which were 3 lessons behind! 


We slept in a little, this mama has a headache-- YUCK!

The kids and I did math, ENGLISH- 2 lessons, finished up catching up our history notebooks and did our Unit Wrap up for Physics.  We also read Little Woman-- which is turning into the read aloud that NEVER ends!  I am fixing to buy that sucker on tape! 

The kids also read a history chapter, Emily did a short study on filibusters and I have an awesome WEST WING show on filibuster-- love that show!  (well I don't love the politics on that show, just that people and the show itself!)

The kids got in some major trouble because for the past two days if I leave the room is erupts into chaos instead of school getting done. SO they have been banished from the school room and had to bring all their school stuff downstairs and sit at the table.  Where my eyes and ears can see them at all times!  They also lost electronics!  ARRGGG.  Oh and PUT YOUR HOME SCHOOL STUFF WHERE IT GOES SO YOU CAN FIND IT.  Am I the only mama who deals with such drudgery?


I am doing school with 4 today which often changes the dynamics-- however today it is working out quite nicely, I must say! 

We worked on math for a while and moved onto English.  I thought the kids were going to lose it when I went onto a second English lesson-- but my plan was for them to do the WORK for the second lesson tomorrow whilst they are sitting at theater for 3 1/2 hours!  See I am working it out!

I have to download more Latin lessons so we are at a stand still until I get that done! arggg.

The kids did vocab, Rod and Staff and read the NEVER ENDING Little Woman.  Can we just watch the movie and be done with it???

Oh- Becky introduced me to State Stacker App on the IPhone-- too cool. There is a lite version but I went all out and paid the .99.   It is cool!

The kids also all did math blaster, Typing and Spelling city today--- because I finished them up with their seat work and computer so I could lay my splitting head down on my pillow for a while!

OH my van is back--- we picked it up this morning!  IT only cost us $445.00!  ONLY!!!!!!  ARGGGG.  Yes, praises that we HAD the money-- just not where I wanted to spend it!  :0)


We headed out for theater.. I managed to leave early and have Emily's stuff, school work for the kids and stuff for myself to do!  I never got around to doing any of my stuff, but hey I had it ready!  The kids sat in the car to do some of their work and managed to kill my battery, so Dave had to drive from North 610 for almost an hour to come give me a jump.  JOY.

We got to Kate and Matt's Dave Ramsey class- it was their last class.  I am really glad that they participated in the class.  I think it was great.  I am glad to have ONE thing off my plate--- but so glad to have had the opportunity!

We stayed and visited/ chatted at our home school group.  Emily had an amazing time running amuck with all the kids and it was the day to celebrate March birthdays.. so that was a bonus! 

When we got home all I could do was lay my head down for a little bit... but we did accomplish SOME school work besides what Matt and Kate had done on their own. 


We did Bible, English, Math, vocab and read.  It seemed to literally take the whole day though.  I mean we didn't even do every subject but everything just TOOK longer.  We had a lot of breaks and the kids played outside....but still we were still doing stuff at 5:30! 

I promise pictures next wrap up m'kay!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I want to say thank you to my husband who gets up everyday and goes to work.

I hate getting up.

The end.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

blah, blah, blah

  • okay here is a random post for you.

  • I love pineapple. I forget about till I cut it up for a fruit tray at a party and then I remember how much I love it! Also kiwi-- I love kiwi. Must buy more variety of fruit! I always get apples, grapes and navel oranges!

  • Emily's physics binder is lost. I am VERY frustrated about this, but moving on today and just copying the pages she needs to do.. I will think about it tomorrow.

  • I am really, really ready to paint the house- money of course matters, but I could have prioritized paint money if I had really wanted to-- the thing is I HATE to paint. But I need to just DO IT! I will be so happy with it once it is done!

  • I need to do some lesson planning. We have 56 days left of this school year! Now technically THAT has nothing to do with my lesson planning as we will not wrap up ANY of our curriculum on that magic day! I know stupid to count right.. It is just my base for the kids "grade" level. Hello, you have completed another 180 mandatory days of schooling-- you are in the next grade level!

  • I need to work on my laundry system. Actually what I need to do is fold clothes as they come out of the dryer and MY system would be perfect. I have a folding area-- which I need some baskets to add a little more organization-- but really I just actually need to FOLD CLOTHES!

  • Emily's first theater practice went great-- there was a parent meeting and I am helping with costumes. We shall see. A lot of the ladies were very friendly. I was not bored watching what they were doing but I know it will get boring at some point-- I will have a good stretch of time to check math, make index cards, work on STUFF ...IF I remember to bring it with me.. All of that takes planning and to be honest getting all three kids up, dressed and TO the theater before 9:00 plus making sure Emily has all she needs, plus making sure the KIDS have something to do for a few hours means I MIGHT NOT GET TO ME! We shall see.

  • Kaitlin is FLYING through math right now. I am so happy! I am sure that it must make her feel confident also! Matt is flying too and will quickly catch up to Kaitlin-- which I am fine with. Emily is doing fine too we just need to work on her facts. WHICH she fights!

  • My van is still in the shop- NOT EVEN DIAGNOSED. I am so beyond frustrated but apparently it probably is a seal and the entire engine will have to be taken apart to actually diagnose that it IS the seal and while the part to fix it is cheap the labor IS NOT. So Dave says he is pleased to purchased the warranty. My thoughts are still out on that.

  • I want to plan a date night with Dave. Must do that soon!

  • I made Mongolian beef last night for dinner-- and it was amazing.  Really.  It was not that hard and the flank steak cost 7 dollars for all of us.  I served rice with it and the ingredients for the sauce didn't even add up to 1 dollar so we ate WELL for under 10!  It was so good and has made it onto our MAIN meal list.  Do you have a set number of recipe's that you repeat?  I tried enchilada's last week and it wasn't such a hit-- I guess I will stick with my enchilada casserole recipe. 

  • I know that people who know me IRL will gasp at this but I am actually looking forward to Thursday's gym day.  I still don't like rowdiness but I am looking forward to being able to sit and chat with a few moms! 

  • I guess I need to get back to schooling my children so that we can say we only have 55 days left of school-- they had lunch and are currently running around the house playing Nerf war and all the lights are turned off. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 121-124

Well I am calling this a four day week because we took off Monday of ACTUAL school work but we did do history at Amy's so I don't want to not count it at all-- but we didnt' do full loads on the other day so I am calling it FOUR!

So there.  As the head teacher/ superintendent/ attendance coordinator I say it is and it is SO!


Was this little girls BIRTHDAY!!!!

We went to Amy's for history and we are FINALLY past the Civil War!  Seriously our study OF the Civil War LASTED the length of the Civil War!  We are moving and grooving on.   Amy is teaching for the next four chapters-- {{{SIGH}}} I have taught all year so ready for the break! 


We did the barest of the barest to get by calling this a school day!  But hey, while we did not take a spring break-- I did decide to have a very slow week, because next week starts a BUSY season for us.  One that this mama, unlike H-Mama is NOT used to!  So next week begins theater practice twice a week from 9-12:30-- gasp you say-- HOW do you home school?  I DON'T KNOW!!!  I guess I am gonna find out!  :0) 

So Emily got the part of Sister Sophia and her first song is all Latin-- and while we currently do consider ourselves very cultured and classically schooled-- cuz we have LATIN in our curriculum...we are NOT that good yet.  So, to help Emily learn the song I wrote down each word as it sounds...

so pretty words like this 

Rex admiriabilis 

on Emily's paper look more like this 

Rex odd me ra bee lease 

but hey she's learned the song okay! Wondering how others did it???  H-Mama?

Anyhoo, So along with butchering a beautiful Gregorian chant all in Latin-- we accomplished math, vocab, reading, Bible and devotions! 


On this day we simply accomplished the basics and we made it to church-- just barely because my van decided to throw a transmission code and well NOT run!  Nice.  Actually it could run- we opted NOT to run  it in the off chance of doing further harm. 


Well the nice tow truck man came and picked up my van-- after I got everything I needed SO desperately out of it-- which was a lot because we live in our cars apparently!  Except I didn't grab Emily's Sound of Music CD-- MOMMIE FAIL!  Hopefully the car will be out tomorrow and like I said I have all the words butchered on paper for her, right!

We accomplished basics and checked math-- fixed a few issues and moved on.  We also got taken out to lunch by my mom!  YEAH!  That is always nice!


I did math with all the kids, and we did Bible-- it took a long time as there was lots of discussion today!  We worked on Emily's music and had Matt and Kate work on some translation for fun-- because that is how we roll.  I have not however CHECKED their translation so I have no idea if it is accurate or not!

The kids also did vocab and Reading and Emily did Rod and Staff. 

and that wrapped up our VERY, VERY relaxed school week---I am not sure I can call it four days but we are just going with it, m'kay!

{{{edited to say my van's STILL not out of the shop and STILL has not even made it onto the rack}}}


Friday, March 16, 2012


My son has let me know- clearly and plainly, I might add- that he really prefers to write in pen while doing math.

I have let my son know- clearly and just as plainly, I might add- that there is an unwritten LAW of the UNIVERSE that you use pencil whilst doing math.

Can I get an amen?

He is under the funny assumption that his preferences should always be THE WAY IT IS...

I shall break him of that if it's the last thing I do, my pretty. {{{cackle}}}

No, really. It is not okay in life to think YOUR preferences should always be accepted, allowed, catered too-- etc.

It is called Self Absorption. That is pretty close to SELF-

WE don't always get what we want-- Life is not a Rolling Stones Song
WE don't always get it our way-- this is not Burger King

The world does not revolve around ME-- Learn this lesson and you will go far in life my little Padawon!

I want my kids to not be selfish -- meaning we talk about giving to others, thinking of others, giving of our self.. etc. Since infant hood we have dealt with them being selfish--

BUT self absorption-- it seems to sprout in children as they get older and can better verbalize THEIR preference.. or better yet maybe figure out that they HAVE a preference!  As they grow it gets BIGGER and BIGGER.. and we need to focus less on them being selfish (like with sharing toys) and more on them NOT JUST THINKING ABOUT THEMSELVES.

We talked about if you and your friends are deciding on a movie OR a fun place to go .. a way to not be self absorbed would be to NOT just think about what YOUR favorite food is or what YOU want to see most...

It is a hard lesson and one that I KNOW I don't have down pat!  But I suppose if I can work on this character trait by simply having him use a pencil instead of a pen... so be it. 

I am pretty sure that later on in life.. his wife will thank me.  :0)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Emily!

Okay I am not going to focus on the fact that  year from now I will no longer have any children NOT in the double digits... seriously!

I cannot stand it.  She even looks older to me.  I miss baby hands. 

She had an extra special birthday this year... we had planned on Matt and Dave taking this shooting course called Appleseed... and the closest one to us at the time we booked was Dallas and well that was near THE AMERICAN GIRL STORE!  So Emily got money from us, and three grandparents for her special shopping spree at the store!  Also for some extra fun -- Mary Faith and Becky AND Ma Ma Vickie got to come!  WE had an awesome time in Dallas!  We spent over 4 hours at the American Girl Store..... yes. OVER. FOUR. HOURS!  It's not that big people. 

We shopped,

got the girls hair done (and by girls I mean doll's) did a craft,

 had lunch at the cafe

and got books signed by the author-- which was neat!

Emily bought McKenna-- the doll of the year who is into gymnastics! 

We also had a small family party for Emily here on Saturday-- which also HAPPENS to be Super Mario Brother Day-- doesn't everyone celebrate Super Mario Day!  The kids played the Wii and it was very low key but fun anyway...

And to top off an already awesome birthday hoopla--- her best friend Mary Faith got to wake up with her on her birthday!-- Last night the girls roller skated DERBY style all around the house.... I say just roll with it. (no pun intended)  I am all for Emily expelling energy!

Donut holes for the birthday girl.

special brownie treat and McDonald's happy meals (a rare treat) at Mimi's house for the birthday girl..

a 9th Birthday Extravaganza!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 116-120

Sorry it's so boring... but at least I have it all written down!


We got back from our vacation late and ended up sleeping late because the alarm was turned off and was LATE to Emily's audition-- I was mortified-- but it was fine and everything worked out!  Emily did well.  She didn't sing very loudly and we all KNOW she can so it didnt' show the director very much confidence but I suppose as the show goes that director will see what all she can do and it will show in future performances.  Personally I don't care what part she gets -- I am not one of those moms but I do want her to do her best and I know that she can be very confident on stage so I was a little disappointed that she didn't portray that.... in her church performances they TURN her mic down!

edited to say:  Emily got the part of Sister Sophia and ensemble.. so she is very excited because she gets to sing in the Maria song and say "Will o' the wisp"! and she gets to dress for the party scene and sing GOOOODBYEEEEEEE! to all the children!

Sister Sophia is the second from the left  picture credit

we got home from auditions and Emily started on school work and soon after Matt and Kaitlin got home from choir.  Each of the kids did math, vocab, Latin and read for history.  Then later we did Bible and the kids all did flash card work and typing. 


I am eventually going to stop writing that we got up late because it is much more becoming the norm than not.  However right now I AM sleeping FULL nights with a different medicine that is helping my headache some.. and I am simply sleeping a lot.  Anyhoo...

Got up.. did some chores. Had breakfast.  I REALLY, REALLY need to go to the grocery store but it just is not my priority right this minute so we shall have to make do with WEIRD WHATEVER IS IN THE FREEZER FUN MEALS!  you know what I am talking about right!

We did Bible, started our memory verses up again, Latin, vocab, math-- watched part of the Sound of Music again with lunch and had an hour reading time (mommy lay her head down on a pillow in quiet time)
and next we did physics


We started with Bible review this morning and our Bible verse for this week... John 1:3-4

Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. 
 In Him was life and that life was the light of all mankind.

We finished up our physics from yesterday and did some review.. the kids did their crossword and worksheet.

We started our new artist study on Louis Comfort Tiffany...

such beautiful work!!! 

The kids played Apples to Apples and I had a problem calling them back to do school work because they were having such a good time!

But alas I did... they did math, vocab, Latin review and English!

We also played Math wrap around and Boggle...


the kids just got math, vocab and Latin done and we left for Dave Ramsey class.  Emily got to go shopping with Amy for her birthday present.  So I had an hour and a 1/2 to myself!  RARE!!! I just did errands...SO EXCITING!


we got up and did Bible--

we also did Latin, started reading our next history chapter, finished up our history reads, did math, English and ALL About Spelling

we also read a chapter in Little Woman

and then we settled down for a quiet reading hour during our rain storm!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


UGGG I cannot stand these types of emails... because if I DON'T choose YOUR method of home schooling I don't wanna give my child the "lost tools of learning" that will give my children the skills to learn any subject well??????????????

Or I can't possibly manage to teach them a Biblical worldview and have them impact the world...

BUGS ME A LOT!  I get grief from people for NOT wanting to do co-ops and that bugs me enough-- and there was a HUGE blowout argument on GHAH the other day about when does it stop being home schooling if you "farm" your student out for 6 classes a day.... which I pretty much agree with-- I mean really you are not teaching them although you have some control over what they are being taught I suppose.  But there was a lot of discussion on how the people who just want to teach all their kids at home are the "dinosaurs" and aren't doing it right!  ARRRGGG.

If I get to a point that I cannot teach my kids something... we will visit the idea of "farming" out a math or science or writing but until then... I am doing JUST fine!  Writing might be one thing I will farm out btw!  :0)

Just irks me!  Rant over! Oh and I DON'T give a fig if YOU decide to do a co-op btw... I just want to be left a lone to do school my way and not feel like I am causing my kids to miss out.  I swear I have gotten more grief from home schoolers who tell me "well I just have a social bug" than I do NON- home schoolers.  and I DO have a social bug-her name is Emily.  I do attempt to give her an outlet... I just don't do it with her core subjects!  Shame on me for wanting to "school my kids at -- you know -- HOME!

okay end of rant again!

Dear Fellow Homeschoolers,

Are you interested in the Classical Model of Education?

Would you like to understand the "lost tools of learning" that will give your children the skills to learn any subject well?

Would you like to know how to teach your children from a biblical world-view in order to impact the world for God's glory?

Parent Information Meeting

Saturday, March 10th


Temple Oaks Baptist Church
2101 West 34th St.
Houston, TX. 77018

RSVP at tdavis @ classicalconversations. com or call 512.945.6098. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Carl's Jr's. Ads--- wowzers.

So the great debate is going on about Carl's Jr's ad choices.. the are VERY sexy.  I thought after getting a email from the AFA suggesting a boycott that I would take a gander.... WOW!

Here is one...
Here is a worse one...
and here is the one that I think started the controversy...

These are BAD!  Is really is basically p*rno.  I wouldn't want Dave or Matt seeing these!  I personally think that Jack N the Box has pushed the envelope a few times and the whole marry your bacon sandwich thing freaks me out but these commercials are awful!  I am generally NOT a boycotter--- but I don't think I will choose to support this company right now.  I don't plan to CALL it a boycott I just don't plan on making plans on going --which we had since these restaurants are popping up all over town!

Anyway.. just passing it along! and BTW, I do not agree wholeheartedly with the AFA on a number of issues-- I am just passing on information! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 111-115

BUSY WEEK!  Actually a busy few weeks.  I have really just been going and going and going but, it has been busy in a mostly good way.  I mean I have enjoyed 90% of the activities and gotten good things out of them, but the house has suffered some (not as bad as in the past though!) and school work has suffered some (although we are at a point that when we get home in betweenxt -- is that a word?-- going places I just give the kids assignments and they do them.  SIMPLE) But the sit down and TEACH work is not getting done every day.  Anyway... I will watch my schedule and attempt to be more careful... however we are putting Emily in a drama theater thing and will GREATLY add to the "things to do" scale in this household. However, Dave and I feel it is a very good opportunity and it is for a specific time we will give it a try.  I am also dealing with a headache this week-- YUCK!


I took Kaitlin to choir and then we went to the mall- nothing educational about that!  We never go to the mall, but Amy and I put it on the calender weeks and weeks ago!  No history this Monday and we decided to just go to the mall!  We shopped for Emily a new outfit for her birthday and ended up finding a pair of jeans and 3 shirts at Macy's for 25.00!!  Deal!  We also got another shirt and sweater from Penny's and another shirt from Dillard's.. all on clearance!!!  YEAH! 

We had a field trip to the Museum of Fine Art.  It was a pretty good tour.  I had not set up the particular type of tour and was pleased although truly storybook tours are MY FAVORITE and I really think they should offer them for all ages!

We got to see a Mary Cassatt painting in person--- we stood in the gallery with the Impressionist and Matt looked around the room and picked out the Mary Cassatt and it was not one we had studied but sure enough.... it was a Mary Cassatt!  I was excited that he could recognize her work!

The kids did basics math, reading, vocabulary, devotions and Emily did (started her Rod and Staff- found  on Wed she had started but not finished the assignment as going to the bathroom apparently got her off track! She also did not do her math assignment-- so I informed her on Wed that she would not attend choir until all her assignment were caught up--- immediate water works and anger because she feels that choir is her responsibility.  OH little girl- school work is your first responsibility and as her choir teacher/ pastors wife/ public school teacher will back me up on I feel slightly gleeful. Is that wrong?)


We attempted to hit the school books hard today and we did-- somewhat, but then we got distracted by mama not feeling good and ended up just watching The Sound of Music-- which is never a bad choice, right!

We finally got through all our history and introduction in Bible and started Chapter 1!  The answer/ review section is a little much for Emily but as she gets used to "listening" for the things they ask about in each review it will get easier for her than going back and looking up the answer to all the questions.  I ended up helping a fair amount but it was fine and she did really good!  I love the Mp3 they have for each chapter-- ONE less thing for this MAMA to read!

We started LATIN today---- YEAH!  The kids did great-- Matt had a good attitude!  Emily kept up just fine! Whoop, whoop! 

Here is the 11 feet of laminated Latin cards---- and here they are all cut out! 

The kids all did math-- I checked math, because I hadn't for four or five days!  They are doing really well!  We are going to have to work harder on Emily's math facts though-- it is one of the first things I let go during the day I and she can so easily do them by her self or with a sibling or on my IPHONE, that i really should not let that go!

Emily is finishing up Tall Tales-- so we get to watch the movie next week! YEE HAW! 

Kate and Matt are plodding through the history reading list... they are almost done I believe and I have mandated that they take two books to Dallas!  I know MEAN MOMMY!

Matt and Kate worked on Rifles for Watie and Emily did Rod and Staff  Reading.

and we went to church!  (edited to say: Emily did finish her assignments both from Wed and Tuesday and was allowed to attend choir!)


I got an appointment for my neurologist and so mom came and kept the kids so that they would be doing school work--- they accomplish Latin, Bible and vocab.  later they did Math.  Then we left to do errands for our trip....

dry cleaners
other dry cleaners (don't ask!)
Pets Mart for crickets
Michael's for envelopes
Academy for last minute swivels for a gun sling---
Pasadena Animal shelter to drop off newspaper
Bubbles to clean and vacuum car out

Got home and took the rest of the stuff inside- had dinner and STARTED packing!  I also have to finish washing.... it is going to be a long night unfortunately, and we leave at 6:00 a.m.!


We went on vacation to Dallas and headed to Fort Worth to the Texas Civil War Musuem... pics coming SOON!  :0)