Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 125-130


I managed to make it to Emily's theater ON time-- actually a few minutes early, with Starbucks in tow and everything Emily needed PLUS what Kaitlin needed for choir.  Whewww. It went really well.

We got home and Dave took the truck to work-- my van is STILL in the shop!

We did math, vocab and read Little Woman.

We also did Physics- Emily's book is lost- {{{sigh}}}  We used Nerf guns to demonstrate trajectory.. because that is how we roll in this house!

We reviewed Latin, did BIBLE and also started catching up our history notebooks which were 3 lessons behind! 


We slept in a little, this mama has a headache-- YUCK!

The kids and I did math, ENGLISH- 2 lessons, finished up catching up our history notebooks and did our Unit Wrap up for Physics.  We also read Little Woman-- which is turning into the read aloud that NEVER ends!  I am fixing to buy that sucker on tape! 

The kids also read a history chapter, Emily did a short study on filibusters and I have an awesome WEST WING show on filibuster-- love that show!  (well I don't love the politics on that show, just that people and the show itself!)

The kids got in some major trouble because for the past two days if I leave the room is erupts into chaos instead of school getting done. SO they have been banished from the school room and had to bring all their school stuff downstairs and sit at the table.  Where my eyes and ears can see them at all times!  They also lost electronics!  ARRGGG.  Oh and PUT YOUR HOME SCHOOL STUFF WHERE IT GOES SO YOU CAN FIND IT.  Am I the only mama who deals with such drudgery?


I am doing school with 4 today which often changes the dynamics-- however today it is working out quite nicely, I must say! 

We worked on math for a while and moved onto English.  I thought the kids were going to lose it when I went onto a second English lesson-- but my plan was for them to do the WORK for the second lesson tomorrow whilst they are sitting at theater for 3 1/2 hours!  See I am working it out!

I have to download more Latin lessons so we are at a stand still until I get that done! arggg.

The kids did vocab, Rod and Staff and read the NEVER ENDING Little Woman.  Can we just watch the movie and be done with it???

Oh- Becky introduced me to State Stacker App on the IPhone-- too cool. There is a lite version but I went all out and paid the .99.   It is cool!

The kids also all did math blaster, Typing and Spelling city today--- because I finished them up with their seat work and computer so I could lay my splitting head down on my pillow for a while!

OH my van is back--- we picked it up this morning!  IT only cost us $445.00!  ONLY!!!!!!  ARGGGG.  Yes, praises that we HAD the money-- just not where I wanted to spend it!  :0)


We headed out for theater.. I managed to leave early and have Emily's stuff, school work for the kids and stuff for myself to do!  I never got around to doing any of my stuff, but hey I had it ready!  The kids sat in the car to do some of their work and managed to kill my battery, so Dave had to drive from North 610 for almost an hour to come give me a jump.  JOY.

We got to Kate and Matt's Dave Ramsey class- it was their last class.  I am really glad that they participated in the class.  I think it was great.  I am glad to have ONE thing off my plate--- but so glad to have had the opportunity!

We stayed and visited/ chatted at our home school group.  Emily had an amazing time running amuck with all the kids and it was the day to celebrate March birthdays.. so that was a bonus! 

When we got home all I could do was lay my head down for a little bit... but we did accomplish SOME school work besides what Matt and Kate had done on their own. 


We did Bible, English, Math, vocab and read.  It seemed to literally take the whole day though.  I mean we didn't even do every subject but everything just TOOK longer.  We had a lot of breaks and the kids played outside....but still we were still doing stuff at 5:30! 

I promise pictures next wrap up m'kay!

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