Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 111-115

BUSY WEEK!  Actually a busy few weeks.  I have really just been going and going and going but, it has been busy in a mostly good way.  I mean I have enjoyed 90% of the activities and gotten good things out of them, but the house has suffered some (not as bad as in the past though!) and school work has suffered some (although we are at a point that when we get home in betweenxt -- is that a word?-- going places I just give the kids assignments and they do them.  SIMPLE) But the sit down and TEACH work is not getting done every day.  Anyway... I will watch my schedule and attempt to be more careful... however we are putting Emily in a drama theater thing and will GREATLY add to the "things to do" scale in this household. However, Dave and I feel it is a very good opportunity and it is for a specific time we will give it a try.  I am also dealing with a headache this week-- YUCK!


I took Kaitlin to choir and then we went to the mall- nothing educational about that!  We never go to the mall, but Amy and I put it on the calender weeks and weeks ago!  No history this Monday and we decided to just go to the mall!  We shopped for Emily a new outfit for her birthday and ended up finding a pair of jeans and 3 shirts at Macy's for 25.00!!  Deal!  We also got another shirt and sweater from Penny's and another shirt from Dillard's.. all on clearance!!!  YEAH! 

We had a field trip to the Museum of Fine Art.  It was a pretty good tour.  I had not set up the particular type of tour and was pleased although truly storybook tours are MY FAVORITE and I really think they should offer them for all ages!

We got to see a Mary Cassatt painting in person--- we stood in the gallery with the Impressionist and Matt looked around the room and picked out the Mary Cassatt and it was not one we had studied but sure enough.... it was a Mary Cassatt!  I was excited that he could recognize her work!

The kids did basics math, reading, vocabulary, devotions and Emily did (started her Rod and Staff- found  on Wed she had started but not finished the assignment as going to the bathroom apparently got her off track! She also did not do her math assignment-- so I informed her on Wed that she would not attend choir until all her assignment were caught up--- immediate water works and anger because she feels that choir is her responsibility.  OH little girl- school work is your first responsibility and as her choir teacher/ pastors wife/ public school teacher will back me up on I feel slightly gleeful. Is that wrong?)


We attempted to hit the school books hard today and we did-- somewhat, but then we got distracted by mama not feeling good and ended up just watching The Sound of Music-- which is never a bad choice, right!

We finally got through all our history and introduction in Bible and started Chapter 1!  The answer/ review section is a little much for Emily but as she gets used to "listening" for the things they ask about in each review it will get easier for her than going back and looking up the answer to all the questions.  I ended up helping a fair amount but it was fine and she did really good!  I love the Mp3 they have for each chapter-- ONE less thing for this MAMA to read!

We started LATIN today---- YEAH!  The kids did great-- Matt had a good attitude!  Emily kept up just fine! Whoop, whoop! 

Here is the 11 feet of laminated Latin cards---- and here they are all cut out! 

The kids all did math-- I checked math, because I hadn't for four or five days!  They are doing really well!  We are going to have to work harder on Emily's math facts though-- it is one of the first things I let go during the day I and she can so easily do them by her self or with a sibling or on my IPHONE, that i really should not let that go!

Emily is finishing up Tall Tales-- so we get to watch the movie next week! YEE HAW! 

Kate and Matt are plodding through the history reading list... they are almost done I believe and I have mandated that they take two books to Dallas!  I know MEAN MOMMY!

Matt and Kate worked on Rifles for Watie and Emily did Rod and Staff  Reading.

and we went to church!  (edited to say: Emily did finish her assignments both from Wed and Tuesday and was allowed to attend choir!)


I got an appointment for my neurologist and so mom came and kept the kids so that they would be doing school work--- they accomplish Latin, Bible and vocab.  later they did Math.  Then we left to do errands for our trip....

dry cleaners
other dry cleaners (don't ask!)
Pets Mart for crickets
Michael's for envelopes
Academy for last minute swivels for a gun sling---
Pasadena Animal shelter to drop off newspaper
Bubbles to clean and vacuum car out

Got home and took the rest of the stuff inside- had dinner and STARTED packing!  I also have to finish washing.... it is going to be a long night unfortunately, and we leave at 6:00 a.m.!


We went on vacation to Dallas and headed to Fort Worth to the Texas Civil War Musuem... pics coming SOON!  :0)

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