Wednesday, March 7, 2012


UGGG I cannot stand these types of emails... because if I DON'T choose YOUR method of home schooling I don't wanna give my child the "lost tools of learning" that will give my children the skills to learn any subject well??????????????

Or I can't possibly manage to teach them a Biblical worldview and have them impact the world...

BUGS ME A LOT!  I get grief from people for NOT wanting to do co-ops and that bugs me enough-- and there was a HUGE blowout argument on GHAH the other day about when does it stop being home schooling if you "farm" your student out for 6 classes a day.... which I pretty much agree with-- I mean really you are not teaching them although you have some control over what they are being taught I suppose.  But there was a lot of discussion on how the people who just want to teach all their kids at home are the "dinosaurs" and aren't doing it right!  ARRRGGG.

If I get to a point that I cannot teach my kids something... we will visit the idea of "farming" out a math or science or writing but until then... I am doing JUST fine!  Writing might be one thing I will farm out btw!  :0)

Just irks me!  Rant over! Oh and I DON'T give a fig if YOU decide to do a co-op btw... I just want to be left a lone to do school my way and not feel like I am causing my kids to miss out.  I swear I have gotten more grief from home schoolers who tell me "well I just have a social bug" than I do NON- home schoolers.  and I DO have a social bug-her name is Emily.  I do attempt to give her an outlet... I just don't do it with her core subjects!  Shame on me for wanting to "school my kids at -- you know -- HOME!

okay end of rant again!

Dear Fellow Homeschoolers,

Are you interested in the Classical Model of Education?

Would you like to understand the "lost tools of learning" that will give your children the skills to learn any subject well?

Would you like to know how to teach your children from a biblical world-view in order to impact the world for God's glory?

Parent Information Meeting

Saturday, March 10th


Temple Oaks Baptist Church
2101 West 34th St.
Houston, TX. 77018

RSVP at tdavis @ classicalconversations. com or call 512.945.6098. Thanks!


Brenda said...

No co-ops here either. Well, except for "Carrie co-ops" :) If I believe God gave US the responsibility, then I need to know what is going on. Not that you can't get help with subjects...of course you can! Just not all day--several times a week!

H-Mama said...

i'm not a co-op person, either. ;) yet, writing may be the one thing mama will outsource. or... i could always simply pay someone to edit and give us pointers?? hmmm...

Mommy of Two said...

I really enjoyed the co-op group I was in but..I wouldn't rely on it fully or anything, especially not as a basis for what I do with the kids at home. I don't remember exactly what was taught perse but I remember doing a lot of neat activities like cooking, karate, ice skating, sewing, etc. It was a great way to try a lot of new things and I made some friend. Was that where I met Kara?

Jennifer said...

I probably shouldn't have publicly agreed with the thread on Ghah. Except I thought it was well worded, without so much of the "us" "them" mentality. It seemed like it was compassionately stated :)

I liked the one person's idea. That maybe there should just be another category of homeschooling, kinda like how "unschooling" is its own thing. Something like "home tutoring" or something like that. Cause I get how confusing it is to someone new to homeschooling.