Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 121-124

Well I am calling this a four day week because we took off Monday of ACTUAL school work but we did do history at Amy's so I don't want to not count it at all-- but we didnt' do full loads on the other day so I am calling it FOUR!

So there.  As the head teacher/ superintendent/ attendance coordinator I say it is and it is SO!


Was this little girls BIRTHDAY!!!!

We went to Amy's for history and we are FINALLY past the Civil War!  Seriously our study OF the Civil War LASTED the length of the Civil War!  We are moving and grooving on.   Amy is teaching for the next four chapters-- {{{SIGH}}} I have taught all year so ready for the break! 


We did the barest of the barest to get by calling this a school day!  But hey, while we did not take a spring break-- I did decide to have a very slow week, because next week starts a BUSY season for us.  One that this mama, unlike H-Mama is NOT used to!  So next week begins theater practice twice a week from 9-12:30-- gasp you say-- HOW do you home school?  I DON'T KNOW!!!  I guess I am gonna find out!  :0) 

So Emily got the part of Sister Sophia and her first song is all Latin-- and while we currently do consider ourselves very cultured and classically schooled-- cuz we have LATIN in our curriculum...we are NOT that good yet.  So, to help Emily learn the song I wrote down each word as it sounds...

so pretty words like this 

Rex admiriabilis 

on Emily's paper look more like this 

Rex odd me ra bee lease 

but hey she's learned the song okay! Wondering how others did it???  H-Mama?

Anyhoo, So along with butchering a beautiful Gregorian chant all in Latin-- we accomplished math, vocab, reading, Bible and devotions! 


On this day we simply accomplished the basics and we made it to church-- just barely because my van decided to throw a transmission code and well NOT run!  Nice.  Actually it could run- we opted NOT to run  it in the off chance of doing further harm. 


Well the nice tow truck man came and picked up my van-- after I got everything I needed SO desperately out of it-- which was a lot because we live in our cars apparently!  Except I didn't grab Emily's Sound of Music CD-- MOMMIE FAIL!  Hopefully the car will be out tomorrow and like I said I have all the words butchered on paper for her, right!

We accomplished basics and checked math-- fixed a few issues and moved on.  We also got taken out to lunch by my mom!  YEAH!  That is always nice!


I did math with all the kids, and we did Bible-- it took a long time as there was lots of discussion today!  We worked on Emily's music and had Matt and Kate work on some translation for fun-- because that is how we roll.  I have not however CHECKED their translation so I have no idea if it is accurate or not!

The kids also did vocab and Reading and Emily did Rod and Staff. 

and that wrapped up our VERY, VERY relaxed school week---I am not sure I can call it four days but we are just going with it, m'kay!

{{{edited to say my van's STILL not out of the shop and STILL has not even made it onto the rack}}}



Brenda said...

YOu are vanless? Let me know if you need anything!

H-Mama said...

wait. a birthday?!

my girls were probably the last to memorize the latin music. i'm still not sure they have it 100%. ;)