Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I do not like yogurt. I have tried sooo many kinds.  I tolerate vanilla yogurt with some fruit and granola in but really I don't like it.  But for some reason I really liked the idea of THIS fruit smoothie. 

 I saw it on one of the HILARIOUS product sponsor tips on the Biggest Loser season 9.  I just couldn't stop thinking about it so I went and got one, actually my dear hubbie went out to the store after dinner to get me one.. thank you baby!

It is delicious! 

Dave got the Pineapple/ mango/ strawberry flavor, I am not a fan of mangos but I simply took them out.  I want to try the berry one next!******* updated, I tried the Triple Berry and LOVED it!  YEAH*******

I used my NINJA,

Vickie got me it for Mothers Day!  YEAH!!!!  It is awesome!

I did use 2% instead of Fat Free but it doesn't make much a difference calorie wise and I like the 2% better.

Soooo... be sure and try one!  Oh it is two serving @ a little more than a cup each.  I was really full after my cupful and Kaitlin who had the other serving said she was full too!

Monday, June 28, 2010


That is a lot of years! 13 years ago today I said "I do" to the guy I love!

Because of this....

which led to this...

We have this...     


and all of this...

Thank you Dear Husband for asking.....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ready, Get Set and GO.....................

Okay ladies or gents...

I am going to do the Komen Race for the Cure , this has been something I have wanted to do for years. 

This is the year!  It is October 2, 2010

It is a 5K walk which is 3.1 miles.

We will walk as a team, I will get tshirts made.  It will be fun!

If you would like to join me, just shoot me and email and I will send you an invite to the yahoo group I am starting for all the ladies on the team! 

I know I can do this and would love to have anyone join me!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

All I have to say today..

is I did 5 miles on the bike @ 10 resistance in under 25 minutes!

This is a major milestone for me!!! I worked really hard to do it. I pushed myself and really sweated. For those who work out this might not seem like much but for me... it was A lot!

I also did half a mile on the treadmill- this was after the bike and I did a quarter mile on 7 incline and the other quarter mile on 3 incline. Usually I do Zero incline, so even though I did less walking I burned way more calories!

I am doing it!

My more long term goal is to be able to ride a "real" bike.  I could ride one right now but I just wont for lots of reasons I am not going to go into right now.  I really want to be down some serious poundage!   I am hoping for the NEW YEAR.... that is my goal right now.  Losing enough weight by the New Year to feel comfortable riding a bike!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brain Fog in the menu department...

So I did a great menu plan for this two weeks, did my shopping and everything was a go!

Until the brain fog rolled in. The waves kept coming and coming.

You cannot physically cook a dinner at 5:30 if you are not at your stove.

Yes, I know ladies I said there was a brain fog!!!

So I have still done pretty well, we have done NO fast food, not even the Denny's meal. We have eaten lunch and dinner at home everyday, sans the Texas Land and Cattle meal for Fathers Day and lunch on Sunday for Fathers Day. The meals haven't been in the order I planned for, but still they got done!

So yesterday I was talking to hubbie about dinner and deciding how a pork roast can go in the oven when I am not here to put it there (yes I know crock pot but I am really set on this one going in the oven with potatoes to roast for some odd reason!--cant get it out of my mindset) And hubbie said...

Why don't you cook it for lunch?


So the day went on, I struggled making dinner between being gone to swim and volleyball but I did it. So this morning I am sitting here STILL thinking about how to get that pork roast in the oven between swim and church and...

Why don't I cook it for lunch?

I know I am kind of dumb that way and there was the whole brain fog thing!

So I went back to my menu plan and saw all these great easy lunches and more time consuming dinners and thought I will switch them! Hubbie comes home for lunch- I really prefer a hot meal during the day and so do the kids so...

Menu Plan switch-a-roo

Here is the rest of the two weeks, with the switch and with the changes I did just out of necessity.

Wed. June 23
breakfast- re fried beans, eggs and tortillas (no tortillas for me)
lunch- PORK ROAST with roasted potatoes and root vegetable
dinner- sandwiches (the meal at the church is not for my family this week)

Thursday June 24-
breakfast- pancakes
lunch-spaghetti and garlic bread- Matt's in charge of meal
dinner- Daddy is still in charge, me sandwiches

Friday June 25
breakfast- me out to eat, Dave and kids- cereal
lunch- me out to eat, Dave and kids- left over chopped beef on tortillas
dinner- me out to eat, Dave and kids- home made pizza

Saturday, June 26
breakfast- omelette's, toast, fruit
lunch- sandwiches
dinner- fettuccine Alfredo with chicken

Sunday, June 27
breakfast- cereal
lunch- taco's with chips and queso from El Ray

Monday, June 28
breakfast- cereal (still quick for VBS)
lunch- chicken nugget Parmigiana with spaghetti
dinner- chicken enchilada casserole ( I have all the stuff to make this already)

Tuesday, June 29
breakfast- cereal
lunch- Chicken and rice or sandwiches
dinner-left overs or cereal (YUMMO MEAL!)

Wednesday, June 30
breakfast- cereal
lunch- quick drive thru some where as we have plans after VBS
dinner- meal at church???

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swim lessons, Gymnastics and Volleyball OH MY

So for being such a "NON" sporty family we sure are in the thick of it right now! 

Matt is doing swimming lessons, Kaitlin started her volleyball practice this evening and Emily is doing gymnastics and ballet!

We are just all getting out and doing stuff.  The bonus- besides the kids being active, is that it means I "have" to be at the YMCA which means I work out!  I even get to work out twice some days.

I am watching THE BIGGEST LOSER, via Hulu right now.  Not sure why I never watched it before, beside I wasn't ready and sitting and watching THE BIGGEST LOSER while I am fat and not doing anything about it is not real appealing!  So now that I am doing something about it, I am watching it with interest!  I do not like ANY of the drama and they stretch the weigh In's so much it drives me nuts but the core of the show is great and very encouraging.  I know there weight loss is astronomical and unattainable for me, but I still like the premise.  I told Dave I might buy the work out video to do at home with the kids too.  There is a Wii game also which looks neat.  They had product placement and branding down to a SCIENCE!

So sports are expensive... and I am not even talking about extreme baseball leagues or private ice skating lessons.  Just doing three classes at the YMCA and gymnastics, once you "get" everything you need, adds up!  We need practice balls, swimming goggles, leotards, knee pads, gas to drive to practice three different nights a week, plus the swimming 2 weeks, eating out if I cannot manage to eat at home- which I have actually done better than my menu plan with that, then there is snacks weekly for the games, ballet shoes, snacks at gymnastics (cuz where there are snack machines we must spend our coin), the list goes on....this is why we don't do "this" every year. We have so far spread activities out which I think backfired on us because we have "inactive" kids.  But we will try to find the balance over the next couple of months.  Also having three kids is obviously different than having one, just the logistics is 3x the amount of time spent doing "X" things.  Anyway, I am not complaining I am actually quite happy with our current choices but just want to give fair warning for any who decide to jump into activities!

Monday, June 21, 2010


We are continuing on to week two of our LOVE DARE CHALLENGE, but instead of blogging about our personal journey I thought I would post some things I learned at last nights class. It kicked my BOOTIE. Actually it kicked my heart or my conscience more but still there was some kickin'!

So we went through the different lessons from the book:

day 1- love is patient
day 2- love is kind
day 3- love is not selfish
day 4- love is thoughtful
day 5- love is not rude

For me the most significance result of the LOVE DARE CHALLENGE was actually that I was aware more. I mean I still said something negative, but I recognized it. I might even have made a choice to not say it. But I didn't continually justify my attitude (you know well because of the way HE acted I have the right to be mad...)
So these are probably baby steps but at least they are steps!

We talked about things in our culture that make it harder for marriages to succeed...

like the media, work, recreation, money/debt, schedules, relationships

They played the clip of the movie where Micheal is talking to the other christian at the fire station and getting positive, and uplifting advice. And how Michael talks to his dad and gets positive, uplifting and Godly advice. But the wife, surrounded by her co workers gets negative and bad advice.

We talked about what or who are the influences around us.

Positive influences would be:

Godly parents, co workers,
church friends.

Negative influence could be:

co workers, parents not living
for God, neighbors, TV


Scriptures that deal with our talk were:

John 8:44- Satan only wants evil for us!
Proverbs 1:10-15  be careful who you hang out with.  Turn away from bad influences.
Provers 27:12- a wise man discerns possible evil or bad influences, but a simpleton just goes with the flo
Ecclesiastes 4:5-7 - we don't have to spend time chasing worldly things.. they are worthless
Matthew 5:29- If we are offending others we need to stop! 
1 Corinthians 10:13- We will not be tempted more than we are able to handle
Proverbs 31- what a truly wise, Godly woman has to offer and how much influence she has.
Titus 2:2-3  Older man and woman need to continue to be good examples for younger generations.
Acts 9:31- That a true man or woman of God will do their best to be GOOD influences!
1 Corinthians 12:2- We need to be careful of what we do, it is easy to turn a hobby, habit, desire into an idol

I want to focus on two of the verses and what I got out of them personally.
I have seen this passage and studied throughout many sermons but today I saw it in a little different light.   If my getting angry at my husband or children causes my husband or children to in turn sin or lose respect for me than I am responsible for cutting that anger off.  So many times we justify our actions... the kids were horrible all day long, they simply would not listen to me, I gave them a warning, my husband promised, My husband never keeps his word, my husband doesn't think of my feelings.  If I am not dealing with my husband or children in a GODLY way that lines up with scripture than I am responsible for their actions also.  NOW I KNOW THEY ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS ALSO I am just talking about My own responsibility. 

I always thought of this verse as talking about temptations being alchohol, drugs maybe a purty woman... but it is so much more. We are tempted by our emotions. We are tempted to be angry, impatient, jealose, unforgiving. God is not going to give us more than we can stand to be tempted. I DO NOT HAVE TO choose to be angry. I can avoid or cut off that temptation by choosing to be kind, forgiving. I can turn it into a teaching moment- or better yet they are always turned into a teaching moment but I could turn it into a good teaching moment. Your kids or even your husband usually know when they have done something to likely make you angry so when you choose or cut off or avoid that temptation, they are going to notice it!

Dear heavenly Father,
I pray that I will hear your voice above all others,
That I will more than anything else pursue  a marriage that honors God
and a family life that honors God.
I confess that often I do not hear the still small voice.
Please give me more of a desire to seek your will in our lives.
Help me to seek the ONE AND ONLY God and to not be
confused with ungodly advice or influences.
Bring people into my life who will be Godly influence and help encourage me
to have a deeper love
for my children and my spouse.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Well today was Fathers Day, we celebrated a little all weekend long!  We had a nice weekend and time with all the DADS fun with the family and a good time was had by all!

Dave got completely surprised by his MOM giving him the "ultimate" Fathers Day Gift- BTW... Fathers Day gifts aren't normally this extravagant... but it sure was a good excuse for Dave to get what he has been, well dreaming about!

He is now the proud owner of a Springfield Armory XDm- 9mm, 4.5 inch barrel  ( in case that lingo is lost on you, he got a big ol' gun.)

Happy Fathers Day... I love you hubbie.  I am glad you are happy about your gun, can't wait to go shootin' with ya!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

An issue of the heart...

Okay, so for those of you out there that read parenting "how to, or better yet, how not to" books... here is one for you! I am dealing with certain issues in our life right now and in order to get a hold on the situation early on I am trying to really press in and find a way to solve these issues. I find solving issues hard. I mean seriously, who doesn't want to ignore stuff and hope it goes away.

Um Not me, I was just kidding.

No really, I am a deal with it kind of person. I might deal with it badly, I might not accomplish what I set out to do and I have even been known to make a situation worse, BUT deal with it I will...

So without making this situation worse, or dealing with it badly and hopefully accomplishing what I set out to do.. I bought a book.

Well I bought a bunch of books, but this is the current one!

I bought this book at the National Center for Biblical Parenting Seminar at the Sethsa Conference.  I had a wonderful talk with Debbie Bryan who led the talk.  I went to her class because I know that the problems we are having parenting our kids have to deal with heart issues.  I know that if I don't reach their heart then the behavior is not going to change, or at least not change long term.

So I started the book yesterday. 


We have to change OUR heart issues.

One quote out of the book...

"Sin causes people to gravitate toward selfishness, and unchecked selfishness turns into patterns that then become the routines that dictate how a family interacts."

The part of the book that talks about routines in our daily life really got me.  I always think of a routine as how we get up in the morning, how the day goes, or you get into a routine of going to the library on a certain day of the week...

This book took routines to a whole other level.  In routines they included how situations are dealt with.  For instance, if you tell your daughter to go to bed, and she fusses, and y'all "chat" about it for a few minutes and a consequence is dealt out... THIS IS YOUR ROUTINE.  We think it is a kid not going to bed but it is the routine that has been established for bedtime.

Another instance is you ask your daughter to do the dishes, she whines "why me?' and you reply, "your a part of this family..." yada, yada, yada. Then the daughter whines some more and IT IS ON.  This is the routine when you ask your daughter to do something.

I want better routines. 

I do not want to enter the boxing ring with my kids.

I do not want to drag my kids into the boxing ring (which is what I tend to do).

I do not want to continue in this pattern.

The books is mostly dealing with anger- both in the child and adult.

One things that strikes me is how they talk about anger as an emotion.  It is an emotion given by God for a reason.  It is simply an abused and misused emotion. 

"Anger is good for identifying problems but not good for solving them."

Anger itself is not bad, it is a good emotion to have, if it is kept in check and it is used the way God intended.

The Bible says, "Be angry and sin not." It doesn't say to NOT be angry.  Eph 4:26
The Bible says,  "be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to grow angry."  It doesn't say to NOT be angry. James 1:19

I am angry and I sin, I am not slow to speak or slow to grow angry.  I have completely misused this emotion and passed it on to my kids!  I am so saddened by this, but from this point I am attempting to change so I pray that I can change how they view the emotion of anger and how they choose to use it.

One of the questions at the end of the first chapter is...

Read Galatians 5:22-23.  Which Fruit of the Spirit do you find most helpful for you when you work with your children?  Which one do you wish your children possessed more of?  What can you do to help develop it?

My answers are:

I wish I had self control.  I think if I had more self control.  I could keep my self in check therefore demonstrating gentleness and patience!

I wish my children possessed more love.  I say this because the assumption I am under is that love= respect and the more they have a loving parent who represents Godly attributes the more they will respect me and in turn want to obey.

TO develop more love in my children, I think that number one I have to be more loving.  I have to be more trustworthy of their affection.  I have to be a woman of my word, I have to as much as possible show my own relationship with God by MY fruits.

I want to be a wise and loving woman of God... not a fool.

Proverbs 29:11

"A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control."

And this is my prayer...help me GOD to keep my emotions under control and to use them in the way that YOU intended them to be used.  This will allow a great work to be done in me and also in my children's heart.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My beautiful ballerina...

"Let them praise His name in dance..."

                                          Psalms 149:3

(we didnt break out the tamborines but I think her sweet spirit must put as big a smile on God's face as it does mine...)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Philippians 4:13

Okay, so I said I may or may not talk more about my weight loss. I guess I am going to. Me and losing weight are old friends, or maybe old enemies! I have talked about it a lot on this blog... I have started, stopped, started, stopped...

HMMM.. guess what size I am.


I weigh a lot, in fact even as big as I am people are usually shocked over my actual weight.

Which is a lot.

I went on May 21 to a doctor who is a bariatric specialist. UMMM He works with fat people. No really, he works with people who need to lose weight. I am not looking at surgery---It is personally not an option for me, for many reasons. I am not looking for an easy way out either. I understand that I got myself into this mess by making incredibly bad choices and using food as a means to make myself feel better- which by the way is redundant!

I know that I have a problem with food.

Now honestly, I have more of an issue with Diet Coke. I mean besides God, Diet coke is my drug of choice! I use it for stress relief, it is an addiction and as for right now it is gonna keep on being that way! I will deal with my Diet Coke addiction later!

For now we will concentrate on my food issues. I do eat a lot but not always for stress, I tend to have blood sugar like issues and eat out of hunger. I can eat an entire meal and be FULL and 20 minutes later feel sickeningly hungry again.


Okay, I am on it. I had a ton of blood work done and the results are:

I have no blood sugar issues.  I know shocking. What the doctor said is that it basically just how I am built, it is not a medical issues that can be fixed but it will make it more of a struggle for me to lose weight over my life time. 

I am not gonna accept that.  I am going to say that If God is with me... how can food work against me!

So diet wise I am only concentrating on calorie intake. I am eating 1300-1500 calories a day. Now I would like each of you ladies who think they do not eat much to actually weigh, measure and count your calories for a day- without making better choices cuz your counting! It probably is not a pretty sight! I figure that on a really light day I still have around 3000 calories and on a pretty much normal day I had around 4500-5000. I am sure that there are days I went over that.

Just for your information:


This is on a good day when you feel all giddy cuz you got a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a hamburger!
Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich---420 calories
Med french fries---380 calories
2 packets of ketchup---30 calories
large coke---310 calories

Total- 1140

Here is a Chili's

skillet Queso- lets just say you fourth it!  ---267
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with fries- 1240
w out fries minus380 and with seasonal veggies (yeah right)- 80
but since you were so good at lunch you got ONE SWEET SHOT- the chocolate one- 420

total- 1627 without dessert 1207

Grab a Little Ceasers Pizza lately-
 5.00 grab and go  (awesome concept btw)
1 slice =230 calories

um Sonic yeah you know you eat there!
Sonic cheeseburger WITH mustard NOT mayo- 650
tator tots Med with cheese (cuz you know you get it)- 300
large coke---270


Now I think we all know I am being generous- lots of time you get the ROUTE 44 coke, or the large instead of medium tator tots!  Or you get fries instead of grilled veggie- and who always gets a grilled chicken sandwich when they go out to eat!

Just go and add up your calories for a NORMAL day for you, even if you are just snacking at home! 

One ounce of most chips (baked ones) are 140 calories,

One little Debbie cosmic Brownie snack is 180 calories

55 pieces of gold fish, which is a serving btw- 140 calories  (how many do you eat!)

Did you know that a pint of ice cream has 4 serving in it @ around 170 per serving.

A small popcorn at the movies and a small coke is 550 calories without adding extra butter or M&M's

A normal turkey sandwich you make at home on Mrs. Baird's white bread  and no cheese, with one ounce of Cheetos is 370 calories

Did you know that most serving sizes of cereal is 2/3 to 1 cup... Fill up a bowl for your "serving of cereal" and then dump it out and measure how much is really there...

THIS is why I am fat- no I am not jumping on the ban "corporate America and fast food restaurants" wagon.  I choose to eat what I choose to eat.  But I am making better choices and that is all I can do at this point.

But for now until or if I decide I don't want to be.... I am on this diet.  I am under the care of a doctor and

1 Corinthians 6:19---
My body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Phil 4:13---
 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

1 Corinthians 10-13-
 Hath no temptation taken you but as is common to man, but God is faithful.  He will
not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able.

Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

1 Corinthians 10:31
Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

May 21- weight 345 lbs.
June 16- weight 333 lbs.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Menu Planning---- arrrrgggg.

Well because I can juggle only so many balls...menu planning has fallen by the way side. I dont know why, it doesnt usually stress me and I tend to do better with one, but somethings had to go for a while and IT was one of them. So I am adding it back into the mix!

So here is my menu planning for the next paycheck... I buy groceries every two weeks besides a few stock up items so i menu plan for those days accordingly.

We are VERY BUSY the next few weeks with two VBS, a 3 day hotel trip for me, Matt's swimming lesson which is Mon- Thursday for two weeks straight, this is on top of general business.  So our menu plan is slightly unusual for me, also some things I am choosing for the nights we are home are easier as the kids are either in charge or assisting me. It is also unsual in the amount of "not eating at home" we are doing in the next two weeks.

Wed, June 16
breakfast- special treat DONUTS (morning before absolutely needed grocery shopping)
lunch- sandwiches/ chips/ fruit
dinner- church serving Double Dave's pizza (unsure what I will do?)

Thursday, June 17
breakfast- cereal
lunch- hot dogs/ me turkey sandwich (Kaitlin is in charge of whole meal)
dinner-pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables, roasted potatoes, salad

Friday, June 18
breakfast- cereal
lunch- eat out with Daddy at Taco Cabana or El Ray!
dinner-home made pizza

Saturday, June 19
breakfast- daddy's choice probably omelets unless he wants to just sleep in!
lunch- Texas Land and Cattle (if you haven't jumped on my bandwagon for what a good deal this is GET ON GIRLS)
dinner- quesadillas, black beans, rice

Sunday, June 20
breakfast- cereal
lunch- chopped beef sandwiches, tator tots or chips and brownies for dessert (daddy's favorite!)
dinner- taco's (buying queso and chips at El Rays)

Monday, June 21
breakfast- pancakes ( no early VBS!)
lunch- spaghetti and garlic bread (Matt is in charge of whole meal)
dinner- Wendy's (gymnastics and first night of swim lesson so I need a drive thru!)

Tuesday, June 22
breakfast- cereal
lunch- sandwiches/ chips/ fruit (Emily in charge of whole meal- including a baked dessert)
dinner- fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and garlic bread unless Daddy takes them to Denny's!

Wednesday, June 23
breakfast- going to Cinemark Kids Summer movie so maybe drive thru McDonald's or granola type thing in the car
lunch- at mall if Uncle Brian can meet us, otherwise home for sandwiches
dinner- meal at church

Thursday, June 24
breakfast- cereal or eggs/ sausage
lunch- home made pizza (Matt in charge of whole meal)
dinner- Daddy in charge as we have ballet, swim lesson and Moms meeting at BSCH

Friday, June 25
breakfast- kids and Daddy cereal, Me out to breakfast with a friend (I am hoping for Chick fil la personally)
lunch- Cheddars for me and friends, Dave and kids sandwiches (Kaitlin in charge of meal)
dinner- me out to eat, Dave and kids- Daddy's choice

Saturday, June 26
breakfast- me hotel breakfast, Dave and kids cereal
lunch- me out to eat, Dave and kids- sandwiches or home made pizza
dinner- me out to eat, Dave and kids (Kids Eat Free @ Denny's)

Sunday, June 27
breakfast- me at hotel, Dave and kids cereal
lunch- out to eat
dinner- dinner at hotel (included meal)

Monday, June 28
breakfast- hotel (included meal)
lunch- mom has kids, Dave and I out to eat
dinner- chicken nugget parmigiana and spaghetti (after gymnastics and swim that is!) (Kaitlin will help with meal)

Tuesday, June 29
breakfast- cereal (we have a VBS this week also- so breakfast will be easy)
lunch- sandwiches or misc at home
dinner- probably Kids Eat Free @ Denny's after swim lessons

Wednesday, June 30
breakfast- cereal
lunch-home made burritos, chips and salsa (Emily will assist with meal)
dinner- meal at church

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Love Dare....Day One (June 14, 2010)

Now my dh reads my blog so I cant say thing I am GOING to do but I can blog about what I have done. So today was Dare Day 1- Patience and saying nothing negative to your spouse or at the least saying nothing at all..

I am journaling the 40 Days on a website that has been set up for this.  You can too if you would like.

But I am going to re post here also, not every day, but just some days here and there!

Journal Entry Day 1---

We jumped into this in a weird way for us. We visited a new church and they were starting this program the same afternoon and we both decided to just go. So here we are doing the 40 day love dare.

I understand that today is about patience and the dare is to not say anything negative or at least not to say anything at all. I did really well all day till we were mowing the lawn. I didn't say anything when he didn't answer the phone at work 3 times, I didn't say anything when he didn't leave work on time- but did not inform me. I usually do not hold my tongue over these issues. This dates back to dating- I feel that if he is supposed to leave at 5:30 and he isn't leaving he could give me a call. I think it is simply the nice thing to do. I would plan my time accordingly and have a warm dinner for him instead of a cold dinner. I do not mind him working late or being late, I simply like to be informed of the change of plans so that I can plan what I need to. He does great for a while then forgets or whatever.... frustrating to me and one of our biggest "arguments". Argument meaning... I say all kinds of negative things and he sits there. Whoo hoo.

Anyway... what I did say negative today was stupid and I should have not said anything at all. We were mowing the yard and he had come out to help but he was still in his work clothes. I mean WORK clothes, shoes, slacks, long sleeve dress clothes. I said he should have changed clothes. Actually I said it very nicely first like, "Oh baby you could have changed clothes before you came out here and gotten comfortable in shorts." And he replied, "It didn't matter" and for some reason it got my goat cuz I thought he looked pretty silly mowing the lawn in that get up... and well I should have just kept my mouth shut even if he did look silly!

So tomorrow along with the Dare Day 2 I will work hard to say NOTHING negative or nothing at all!!!!

I love you DH.........even if you mow the lawn looking silly- THANKS FOR HELPING ME MOW THE LAWN, is what I should have said! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday schedule... Or at least this Monday!

7:00 wake up
7:30 get dressed/ breakfast
8:00 wake up kids/ breakfast/ chores/ etc
8:40 leave for VBS
9:00 VBS

11:00 Meet MOM at LOLA's for an extremely late Mothers Day lunch!
12:00 pick up kids at VBS
12:10 have a quick snack with mom and the kids
12:30 YMCA- workout

1:00 leave for home- drop off drycleaning and mail
1:20 get home, start math, laundry, clean bathroom, worked on organizing my desk--- clean off the piles!
3:00 REST
3:45 leave for gymnastics
4:00 gymnastics

5:00 come home, start dinner, check math, work on laundry, dinner
6:30 mow and weed eater the yard, clean flowerbeds
8:00 baths, kids clean up rooms!
9:00 BED