Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Virginia Trip-- Part 1

And finally posting our vacation pictures!!!  This is us starting out in La Port, Texas!! We picked up Sara who was with us for the first leg of the trip!

Emily appears to already be asleep...  

We arrived in West Monroe, LA just in time for a late lunch at the DUCK COMMANDER DINER!!

It was decent... expensive but really we went for the experience!  It was fun,  and the kids really seemed to enjoy it.. 

Of COURSE we stopped at Duck Commander!  How could we not--

From there we headed to Birmingham, Alabama

We visited the 16 st Street Baptist Church... where four precious black girls were killed in a bombing 
Sept 15, 1963  and it proceeded to propell into motion the civil rights movement and the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  It was a beautiful church and reading about what happened.. imagining the chaos and sadness that struck the community was very hard.  

smiling faces... but we absolutely took time to reflect on what had happened to remember the lives of the girls and their families...

This is the park across the street from the church... the park where marches for freedom took place and Martin Luther King Jr. spoke... it was said that since World War One that more than 50 bombings had taken place in black only institutions and that Birmingham was calling Bombingham.... 

Such a regrettable time in history. I cant imagine some of the horrors that were faced.... may God forgive our country for the hate and I only pray that the save levels of hate do not continue to manifest in our communities..  

Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School------2014/ 2015

So our first day of school coincided with the first day of choir-- not the best combination... 

I was up til after 12:00 doing last minute things in the school room and praying.. 

I got up not too early but early enough that I SHOULD have had plenty of time to get everything done..

Good intentions... Does that count?

I got up-- got the kids up, got into an issue starting out-- spent time on it, dealt with another issue with hubbie-- by then I barely had time to shower!  So I'm running behind, needed to blow dry Emily's hair and pack lunches...

Went to pack lunches and the leftovers that I thought I would have from the extra large dinner I made were NOT leftover... I contemplated figuring out another meal from my bare pantry but as late as I was I just let the packed lunch idea go...

Next went upstairs to start our school day-- hand out assignments etc and it was ONE issue after another...

At this point I'm 30 minutes behind when I wanted to leave! 

Finally got out the door!! We DID get a nice first day pic... Surprisingly! 

Got on the road-- 10 minutes from choir Emily realized she didn't have her choir binder and Kate had forgotten stuff she needed for later that evening...


So I got Emily settled, got Matt working.. Visited a bit and then ran got lunch, came back to feed the kids.. Got Kate settled then drove to Dave's work to get cash-- HE  needed lunch still so I went to get him lunch-finally got back home, grabbed the stuff and headed back across town to grab Kaitlin.  

Tomorrow WILL be a better day!!! 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well hello there blog world...

I haven't blogged much in a long time.

Just busy and just spending time on other things..

HBU Choral Camp for Regions.... 

So I will play catch up over the next couple of weeks.. but for right now I just want to say it's almost that time again.  

School time- we have haphazardly schooled over the summer.. But between vacation, Intern, choir/vocal camps, misc activities and migraines... We haven't done as well as I had hoped. 


Car Schooling on the run.... 

But we did get to where I planned for Tapestry of Grace.. Well, where I planned after the first 3  changes of plans on where we should get for this school year! 

Reading on the couch after our weekly meeting for school... 

Just keeping it real!

But we have still grown a lot... Between the kids Internship...volunteering in the library at The San Jacinto Monument, art classes, book club...

We have stayed busy!

Oh and VBS!  with a field trip to a Putt Putt Fun House... :0) 

Full school starts this week!!! 
Unless I talk myself out of it between now and then! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

American Girl Doll --Isabelle. Movie viewing party!!

Welcome Isabelle!!

The past three summers have seen the release of an AmericanGirl Doll movie!! We have excitedly hosted parties each year-- for a movie viewing extravaganza!!

Okay-- not an extravaganza-- but a good time! 

Isabella is a dancer-- so our theme was ballet!! 

Lots of pink! And tulle!!! 

And each girl got to make a tutu for her American Doll!! 

It was a great party and the movie was pretty good too!

I hope all the girls had fun!  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Painting with friends...

For Amy's birthday this year we went to one of those painting places--- 

AND we went on what was deemed "date night"!  Ha-- we were the only non-couples.  It was still fun though!

The painting was a two piece canvas set that went together at the end-- so Amy Kulik-- my partner for the evening took ours home.

We had such a good time

Amy was very serious!

Here is the final product!!

We had a great time!! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: March 7-11


Choir picture day!

That exclamation point is actually more excited that I was.... Because it meant standing in the cold/ hot (because Texas weather is finicky) from 9:30 until 2:00


Not thinking I will be that glad for the pics seeings how THIS is a decent representation of Emilys face during all the photo shots 

I guess half the other kids don't look much better...


The be crazy shot... 

We will see.... 

Anyhoo-- we got home and did school till 8:30. No lie... 


The day of driving:

To Houston,to across Houston and back home.  


Freak out about Teen Pact clothes- proceeded to another shopping adventure. 

Then art and sign... To Houston, to WAY across Houston and back home. 

Sigh. This semester IS almost over.  Yay.  

Using our -6 hour -TIME -of -driving -and waiting -for -classes -to -be -over - WISELY.  

Car schooling! 

Matt doing science questions on the laptop.
Emily reciting memory work for Teen Pact.. And lots of reading. 

But we HAD to have a snack so hot, fresh churros and Mexican cokes to the rescue!!

And then we found Christopher Comumbus!! 

Been past that park SO MANY times but never saw Ol' Christopher before.. 


Kate had gone on an adventure with Kelly to get a hair cut and find some decent makeup..that actually works for her-- this will be the third brand we have tried... Sigh.

Matt and Emily did ---WAIT FOR IT--- school work!!


School days, school days
Dear old Golden Rule days
'Reading and 'riting and 'rithmetic

No where to go.  

We started school school, had a break for a Riley situation, and started back at 10:28--- at 12:55 I looked at the clock again! 

We got assignment books checked off and added to.  We worked on memorization-- currently The Lords Prayer (in Latin) because, well because we can! 

And went over flash cards--

The eldest children and I prepared to read Everyman a play from the 1400's.  We talked about the allegorical characteristics of the characters... The history, worldview and theme of the play.  

We started a new bible study on THE SLUGGARD.  Because it is much needed around these parts... 

We broke for lunch and although our morning was quite productive it also included some consequences for disobedience too, and after lunch I was all preparing myself for another run in--

I went out to find this---

Sigh.  I left them alone to work for awhile longer... 

Finally we returned to the school room...
I really should have JUST left them alone...

Emily's math lesson ended up taking 3 hours and 15 minutes.  There was whining, complaining, crying, messing around, singing, more crying... 


Truthfully I gave up on school.. Kaitlin still has TeenPact stuff, we had to get shoes, shop for misc stuff, take dry cleaning, get the vans registration done, get a car wash and clean out the van, and clean the house! 

So that's all folks! 

Monday, April 21, 2014


We stopped the car driving home and Kate and I got out to get some shots.. 

Thinking it turned out pretty good! :0) 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: March 31- April 4

What was accomplished this week... a big fat nothing!  The kids had colds the first couple of days-- didn't do choir, art or sign and I was busy trying unsuccessfully to pass a kidney stone.  They got all the basics of school done like math, vocab, reading assignments,  and Latin, but that was about all! 

We rested a lot, watched some movies and read!    I don't have a single picture from this week!  

Tomorrow starts a new week and then we have Teen Pact. 

We did shop for a little while on Friday and I think Kate's wardrobe is set for Teen a Pact and we got Emily's outfit too.  

This week I need to really do school and get prepared to be gone for a whole week.  

Matt is moving onto Algebra 1 and First Form Latin... He is SO excited about his new Latin (read sarcasm here).  

Emily was flying through her math until apparently last week and as I graded her papers today it quickly became clear that we were going to need to go over a few new concepts this week! 

Kaitlin has been busy with TeenPact  homework-- this years theme is the NSA and she has been reading a pleathora of information on it... She is finishing up her two essays. 

That's it.  Hoping for a great productive upcoming week!! 

Monday, March 31, 2014


Brian and I took Kate and Matt to see Mid Summer Nights Dream.. 

It was really good!! I was impressed by the theater-- there were a few odd things that stood out to me but otherwise a great performance!! 

So glad their first introduction to a Shakespearean play turned out so well!! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Republican Senatorial District Convention-- Harris County

This is Dave's 2nd time and my first time attending!!!!  I was pretty excited!  We of course brought the kids--- they were SO excited !! LOL.  Actually they were really well behaved and did a great job of sitting in one space for almost 3:00 hours, with Dave and me all the way across the room! 

We are the only people who showed up from our precinct-- so this is us caucusing together and nominating each other to go to the state convention!  

Later on that day our nomination was voted on by all the delegates of District 11 and we are now officially state delegates! Whoo hoo! 

Fort Worth.. Baby! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: Mar 18-22

Again with a busy week, headaches, off schedule... Sigh!  But we had a lot of fun!

Monday --

We had choir today-- had a bit of a crazy schedule taking Dave, getting a friend, taking Dave to the bank-- getting back to choir and going out to lunch with friends and family! But fun!

We had breakfast at Chick Fil A because we were early to choir after taking Dave to work--  always YUM! 

Aren't they beautiful! 


We were going to get out and about but truthfully the kids wanted to stay in and just veg out!  They played video games, watched a Star Wars marathon and we ordered pizza!  It ended up being great! 


Today we went to the Houston Livestock show!!



Science Fair!!!! We were finishing up our projects 5 minutes before we left!  Literally!! 


We were supposed to have Keepers but we were both glad to cancel the meeting and just work at home-- the older two worked on school and Emily read and played all day. 

She is reading Little Britches in the Kindle App.  

That evening we took the kids to a self defense class to learn how to fend off an assailant! They did great!

It was a busy and yet slow week-- got some rest in and glad a few things are over-- ready to get back on schedule!!