Friday, August 29, 2014

Virginia Trip--- Day 3

We wanted to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway... So we when we were ready to leave Asheville we hopped on and it was so beautiful!!! We hardly saw any other cars.  (make sure to get gas first!)...

and then we came into the mountains... oh my word.  I could just sit and look at this view for hours on end... it was SILENT.  It was much cooler and so very beautiful...

every once in a while we would go through a tunnel... all rock... it was so neat!

and our shots from the top of the mountain!!!  It was SO windy!

After about 4 hours we had to get off the Parkway and find a "real" interstate because it was taking so long and we had to get the girls to Lynchburg by 5:00 at the latest!

We got them there at 4:55!!   Wheww!!!  They were both VERY excited to arrive at Teen Pact Judicial!
I got her signed in, saw her dorm room, met a few people and then we left.  

insert sad face.

We drove around the campus for a while and finally left, grabbed a Little Caesars Pizza and headed to the hotel to just chill out!  I handled leaving her pretty well and we were all so tired!!  At this point we had driven about 1500 miles and through 8 states in less than 3 full days. Wheww!

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