Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well hello there blog world...

I haven't blogged much in a long time.

Just busy and just spending time on other things..

HBU Choral Camp for Regions.... 

So I will play catch up over the next couple of weeks.. but for right now I just want to say it's almost that time again.  

School time- we have haphazardly schooled over the summer.. But between vacation, Intern, choir/vocal camps, misc activities and migraines... We haven't done as well as I had hoped. 


Car Schooling on the run.... 

But we did get to where I planned for Tapestry of Grace.. Well, where I planned after the first 3  changes of plans on where we should get for this school year! 

Reading on the couch after our weekly meeting for school... 

Just keeping it real!

But we have still grown a lot... Between the kids Internship...volunteering in the library at The San Jacinto Monument, art classes, book club...

We have stayed busy!

Oh and VBS!  with a field trip to a Putt Putt Fun House... :0) 

Full school starts this week!!! 
Unless I talk myself out of it between now and then! 

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