Monday, March 31, 2014


Brian and I took Kate and Matt to see Mid Summer Nights Dream.. 

It was really good!! I was impressed by the theater-- there were a few odd things that stood out to me but otherwise a great performance!! 

So glad their first introduction to a Shakespearean play turned out so well!! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Republican Senatorial District Convention-- Harris County

This is Dave's 2nd time and my first time attending!!!!  I was pretty excited!  We of course brought the kids--- they were SO excited !! LOL.  Actually they were really well behaved and did a great job of sitting in one space for almost 3:00 hours, with Dave and me all the way across the room! 

We are the only people who showed up from our precinct-- so this is us caucusing together and nominating each other to go to the state convention!  

Later on that day our nomination was voted on by all the delegates of District 11 and we are now officially state delegates! Whoo hoo! 

Fort Worth.. Baby! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: Mar 18-22

Again with a busy week, headaches, off schedule... Sigh!  But we had a lot of fun!

Monday --

We had choir today-- had a bit of a crazy schedule taking Dave, getting a friend, taking Dave to the bank-- getting back to choir and going out to lunch with friends and family! But fun!

We had breakfast at Chick Fil A because we were early to choir after taking Dave to work--  always YUM! 

Aren't they beautiful! 


We were going to get out and about but truthfully the kids wanted to stay in and just veg out!  They played video games, watched a Star Wars marathon and we ordered pizza!  It ended up being great! 


Today we went to the Houston Livestock show!!



Science Fair!!!! We were finishing up our projects 5 minutes before we left!  Literally!! 


We were supposed to have Keepers but we were both glad to cancel the meeting and just work at home-- the older two worked on school and Emily read and played all day. 

She is reading Little Britches in the Kindle App.  

That evening we took the kids to a self defense class to learn how to fend off an assailant! They did great!

It was a busy and yet slow week-- got some rest in and glad a few things are over-- ready to get back on schedule!! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: March 24-28


Back to choir!  


Emily and I went to see Frog and Toad at Main Street Theater and it was delightful!

Frog and Toad was pretty much Emily's favorite book when she was learning to read and for MONTHS after! 

When I told her we were going to see Frog and Toad... She said that book I loved when I was little?  I said yes.. She got all emotional and her head tilted up and in a dreamy voice she said I used to love that book-- I still read it sometimes late at night... It just never gets old.  

No dramatics here though.. 

Kate had art and sign.. 

During art-- Matt, Emily and I played our new art game!!

Renaissance Art Game


We stayed home... ALL DAY LONG.  And yet really not much was accomplished.  The kids spent ALL day reading to catch up.  I didn't get any teaching done, we didn't get to other subjects... they just read.  I guess that is not a bad thing!  I suppose catch up is catch up!

So Kaitlin and Matt are reading Westward Ho by Charles Kingsley.  Kate came to me last night and was really just not liking the book--- she said its too long, I cant get into it... how is this relevant.. etc!  I explained that it covers a NUMBER of things from this historical time period.

Spanish Armada
British Imperialism
Catholic Domination

So basically, yes.  GO READ!

Today I asked her had she had any more luck getting into the book and she VERY sheepishly looked at me and said yes, she was loving it.

It's a good feeling!  :0)


We did school and then headed out for a fencing class field trip!  The kids had a great time, learned a lot and it totally counted at PE for the day! 

So cool!! 


We ended up being home all day!! Always a good day-- we had some parenting, child, teacher, student hiccups today and things have come to a head again, but then Saturday, while listening to a speaker I had some aha moments... Momma is revamping.  

 This is Riley intently listening to the Morning Star of the Reformation! So funny...

We started working on Teen Pact stuff-- countdown is now 15 days.  

Kate had a friend over and they worked on their Teen Pact homework together... 

There is a decent amount of homework, reading,  plus four days of NON stop learning and action and it equates to a 1/2 credit in government.  

Birthday Girl!!!

Someone turned 11..... 

We had multiple celebrations for this girl!! We went to the Livestock Show and carnival and she got to bring a friend!  
She had a family party!!

She had a special dinner out that was Uncle Brian's gift to her! 

Mary Faith got to spend the night!! And have Emily this gift for her charm bracelet! 

We surprised by picking up a few friends and going for a yogurt treat!! 

And she got her haircut and had lunch out !

Wheww. That was a busy birthday!! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: March 10-15


--no choir for Spring Break- I love choir, I really do, but a break is nice too !!

I had a tremendous headache... So many these past couple of weeks!

We got school done though.. 

Emily doing Mad Libs-- she thinks they are HI-larious!! 

Matt set up school in the living room-- don't really know why, there is a table that seats 8 on the other side of this room.  


Kate was stylin going to art and sign...

And Matt was all chilled!


Kind of a special day since SOMEONE TURNED 11!!!

She chopped of her hair and donated it to Children With Hair Loss... 


We pretty much did nothing!  Zilch! Zero! 



Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: March 3-7

I am not even going to attempt to catch up for last weeks blog- mostly because nothing happened.  I had such severe migraines this week that past Tuesday I didn't even leave the house until Sat morning...  it was just a week of school at home, basic needs being met and medication! 


We didn't go to choir because the girls lost it for being behind--- this ended up up being a blessing in disguise as my headache was pretty bad.

We got a decent amount of school done though.  Emily finished up her quiz on the crusades... 

She read The Making of a Knight and we looked up this fun song....


We did get to Kate's art and sign... I was able to go vote! But beyond that and school I was done! 

Emily parked at the zoo during art and watched Heidi.... 


Just stayed home and did school, slept and attempted to keep food down-- :0( 


More of the same!  The kids worked at getting caught up on reading assignments.  

Emily and I are reading The Morningstar of the Reformation out loud together-- 

This is after we watched a few you tube videos on the atom.  I love the internet! 

Kate reading The Awakening of Europe and Emily is reading Genghis Khan.

Matt is reading his Bible--- 

I went to sleep around 1:30 and woke up to the kids gone---mom had come gotten them and taken them to eat dinner and brought dinner home to Dave- such a blessing. 


We got school done and that was about it...I slept and rested a lot... 

By Friday evening I was feeling better--- still a pretty bad migraine but so much better.  By Safurday morning it was a much better -- even shopped with mom for Emily's  boots...

Made a crockpot dinner and cleaned a little but otherwise just laid around in bed... Which I am sure will happen Sunday  too... I hope to completely knock this out... Before we start the week all over again! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: Feb 24-28


Just choir and school stuff... 


The great hospital adventure!

Dave got Kate to art and sign thankfully! 


I cancelled Matt's ortho-- again-- with the whole foot thing yesterday. 

We got school done in the morning and early afternoon and then met Brenda and the girls at Food Town to shop for the tea party. 

We split the girls into teams to shop on their own...


The tea party!!

That night we went to a get together with friends at the skating rink...


We had a whole day at home and yet it doesn't feel like much got accomplished! It did but looking back it doesn't feel like it! 

We had a WILD and CRAZY Friday evening of math and science fun!  Well math and science work anyway! 

And that wraps up last week-- I need a fresh week!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Science..

Dave is catching up on some grading in science-- I passed this wonderful but to him, so far that hasn't worked well but we are fine tuning it.  :0)

Anyway-- Emily and Dave worked on her science chapter-- they watched an episode of Mythbusyers to reiterate one of her lessons and then started a science project of different freezing points!

They froze:

Rubbing alcohol
Water with salt
Water with Epsom salt
Rice vinegar
Olive oil
Vegetable oil
Lime juice
Capri sun
Worstershire sauce

I was just praying it wouldn't tip over in my freezer!