Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: Mar 18-22

Again with a busy week, headaches, off schedule... Sigh!  But we had a lot of fun!

Monday --

We had choir today-- had a bit of a crazy schedule taking Dave, getting a friend, taking Dave to the bank-- getting back to choir and going out to lunch with friends and family! But fun!

We had breakfast at Chick Fil A because we were early to choir after taking Dave to work--  always YUM! 

Aren't they beautiful! 


We were going to get out and about but truthfully the kids wanted to stay in and just veg out!  They played video games, watched a Star Wars marathon and we ordered pizza!  It ended up being great! 


Today we went to the Houston Livestock show!!



Science Fair!!!! We were finishing up our projects 5 minutes before we left!  Literally!! 


We were supposed to have Keepers but we were both glad to cancel the meeting and just work at home-- the older two worked on school and Emily read and played all day. 

She is reading Little Britches in the Kindle App.  

That evening we took the kids to a self defense class to learn how to fend off an assailant! They did great!

It was a busy and yet slow week-- got some rest in and glad a few things are over-- ready to get back on schedule!! 

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