Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: March 24-28


Back to choir!  


Emily and I went to see Frog and Toad at Main Street Theater and it was delightful!

Frog and Toad was pretty much Emily's favorite book when she was learning to read and for MONTHS after! 

When I told her we were going to see Frog and Toad... She said that book I loved when I was little?  I said yes.. She got all emotional and her head tilted up and in a dreamy voice she said I used to love that book-- I still read it sometimes late at night... It just never gets old.  

No dramatics here though.. 

Kate had art and sign.. 

During art-- Matt, Emily and I played our new art game!!

Renaissance Art Game


We stayed home... ALL DAY LONG.  And yet really not much was accomplished.  The kids spent ALL day reading to catch up.  I didn't get any teaching done, we didn't get to other subjects... they just read.  I guess that is not a bad thing!  I suppose catch up is catch up!

So Kaitlin and Matt are reading Westward Ho by Charles Kingsley.  Kate came to me last night and was really just not liking the book--- she said its too long, I cant get into it... how is this relevant.. etc!  I explained that it covers a NUMBER of things from this historical time period.

Spanish Armada
British Imperialism
Catholic Domination

So basically, yes.  GO READ!

Today I asked her had she had any more luck getting into the book and she VERY sheepishly looked at me and said yes, she was loving it.

It's a good feeling!  :0)


We did school and then headed out for a fencing class field trip!  The kids had a great time, learned a lot and it totally counted at PE for the day! 

So cool!! 


We ended up being home all day!! Always a good day-- we had some parenting, child, teacher, student hiccups today and things have come to a head again, but then Saturday, while listening to a speaker I had some aha moments... Momma is revamping.  

 This is Riley intently listening to the Morning Star of the Reformation! So funny...

We started working on Teen Pact stuff-- countdown is now 15 days.  

Kate had a friend over and they worked on their Teen Pact homework together... 

There is a decent amount of homework, reading,  plus four days of NON stop learning and action and it equates to a 1/2 credit in government.  

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