Sunday, February 27, 2011

Power Sports Gym Meet 2/16/2010

Emily had a gym meet on Saturday in College Station, because we had to be at the gym at 8:45 in the morning I opted to stay the night in College Station!  So Becky and I went with Emily and Mary Faith and stayed the night.  SUCH a fun girls time!  We ate at Chili's on Friday night- YUMMO.  Then we got to the hotel around 9:00.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed out for the meet....

It was at Power Sports Gym in College Station, it was a pretty nice gym, similar to ours here. 

Coach Keri- Emily actual gym coach got to be her coach at the meet which was FUN!  We love Coach Keri!!

We just picked up Emily's glasses on Friday morning and because of the type of eye issues she has it is important that she wear them all the time... so we got a band to put on the glasses- we are hoping this prevents them FLYING OFF!  She was not real happy about wearing them for the meet- but mama stood firm!  ISN'T she cute!

Emily and Coach Keri.....

Emily and Mary Faith... sweet FRIENDS!

and of COURSE... my favorite pose!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Average of 28

There is a Dentyne commercial out right now and it says ON average people have 28 first kisses.

Well we know average means you take the total of how many first kisses "x" number of people had and then divide THAT number by the number of people.

THAT means that a whole lot of people had way MORE than 28 first kisses.

Wow. 28 different first kisses.

WOW. 28 different boys/ teenagers/ men sharing a very intimate moment with your daughter.

WOW. 28 pieces of your heart GIVEN away- leaving 28 less percent of your heart for the ONE that GOD has for you.



Yes, one.

I understand that is unusual. I understand that is might even be unbelievable to you but it is true.

I dated a FEW other guys before I began dating hubbie. But I never kissed any of them. A while ago I wrote a letter to Margie Kinchen, wife of Kevin Kinchen my youth pastor. Here is what I wrote to her...


I wanted to tell you a little story...

One day a long time ago when I was a very impressionable young youth... a wise, beautiful woman sat down in a room up in a chapel of a school and she spoke to my heart! This wise woman told me that kissing is as intimate as other special acts and that it is important to save that special time for the man God chose for your husband. Well I heard and I listened and the only man I have ever kissed is my dear sweet husband. Yesterday as I sat talking with my 11 year old... I was so proud, thankful and humbled to be able to share with her the same truths. I was able to tell her that even though the world tells us it is impossible to not be a certain way that it truly is... if you purpose in your heart to do so. Thank you for sharing your heart and God's truths. I am forever grateful to you and Pastor Kevin for teaching us the way it SHOULD be and that it could be that way... It has changed me in a way that had the power to change my future generations... The Thompson family love y'all very much!
                                                                                                         Carrie Williams Thompson

I understand that my daughters or sons will not have the same story as Dave and I.  I understand that they will make their own choices and decision, but NEVER will they hear from their dad and me that it is NOT possible to ignore the choices of the world.  Never will they hear from their dad me that it is unfathomable to pray and believe that God will bring the person across your path.  I believe HE will.  I believe that mistakes in this area are forgivable, I believe that if you have sinned.... you move on.  But do not believe the lies the world tells you.. do not pass those lies on to your daughters.  Teach them a different truth. 

28 different ways to pull you away from the center of God's will in your life.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up-- 28

Go check out others weekly wrap ups @ Weird Unsocialized Home Schoolers!

We had our sabbatical week break last week... and traveled to Dallas to the Great Wolf Lodge. So much fun, minus the sickness!

So Monday I had an eye appointment that lasted over 2 hours!  YUCK...

I came home and the kids only got the basics done like math, handwriting and started their science reading.
I took Kate to get a mani/pedi- this was her valentines day present that we didn't get to do at the GWL because Emily got sick on the last day so we came home early.  Anyway, we had some fun girly time!  Oh and on our trip Kate also had her FIRST eyebrow job done!  I always do the threading booths at the mall- because waxing breaks me out, so after I was done I told Kate it was her turn!   She is NOT a fan, but said she would do it again.

So after all our pampering... we went and bought new flip flops and found shorts for Kate!  WHOO HOO.

Tuesday--- I had signed up for a field trip to the Taste of Texas- an awesome steak house in Houston.  It was amazing!  The owners of the restaurant are Ed and Nina Hendee.  They are amazing people.  Mrs. Hendee does a Texas history presentation for all the students.  She has such an amazing passion for Texas history and it shows!  I cannot say enough good things about this presentation!  Kate got chosen to represent one of the first 300 settlers so she had to stand up wearing a bonnet- it was fun!

We left the field trip and headed to Pasadena to Chuck E Cheese- mom had Emily and we were celebrating our 100 the day of school with 100 tokens!  FUN!

We went to the dreaded Walmart! Next we headed home for gymnastics and tap.

Later that night is when I fell! YUCK. 

Wednesday- we got up bright and early- I drove Dave to work---I was only a little sore, not to much of a big deal.  My head hurt a little, but not bad.

We did some school work and worked on chores then left for our health museum field trip.

Our first class was on the eye and the kids got to watch a cow eye dissection!  Totally cool!

I showed Emily different parts of the muscles and it was neat to be able to show her the muscles.

After the eye class we did a class on the heart.  The kids got to listen to their hearts on stethoscopes, see a real heart and learn more information--- which I am proud to say KNEW most of!  Even Emily could answer a lot of the questions correctly!  YEAH!

It was a good day!

BUT by the end of the day I was SO sore I could LITERALLY hardly move.  So it was bed and knock me out medicine for me!


I woke up still INCREDIBLY sore.  I opted to take more Advil vs the pain pill.  But I got up and "slowly" moving and the kids got to doing chores.  So we would get a full day of school in!

Emily got two books done in LLATL! 

The kids did math, handwriting, ETC

Matt finished reading Caddie Woodlawn.

Kate started Lesson 5 in IEW. 

We got through David and Goliath in Bible- I had the kids listen to Prepare to Die by Carman!  LOVE THAT SONG!!!

and Friday I will wrap up another day because it was mostly history and Princess class- so that is another post

It was a pretty good week!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brown paper packages tied up with string...

Because these ARE a few of my favorite things... I am joining in at The Home School Post for their Home school Swap!

You get linked up with someone else and you each send each other a special package!  FUN.

You are not allowed to spend more than $15.00 (not counting postage) and once you receive your package  post on it linking to their blog!  I am excited!  If you want to participate sign up ends on FRIDAY!

Thanks Our Busy Home school for getting out the word!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Because this is my life lately...

Had a great day today, till THIS happened.

took a leap off my stairs rushing to bible study- the first one I was going to be able to make for WEEKS.  Yeah. nice huh!

I seemed fine for about an hour and a half- DAVE would NOT let me go to sleep.  So we put on a show and after I started seeing weird lights and shapes, Dave said that was it and we were going to get me checked out.  So we packed up and headed to our local ER. 

Anyway. I am fine.  Didn't even require stitches.  The doctor- BTW not allowing someone to go to sleep after a head injury is no longer common practice, just have someone around to make sure you don't start acting weird, vomit or have a seizure- said I was good to go!  Gave me a pain med and sent me home.

So all is well- but I am sore and of course my head hurts! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

One thousand gifts... a practice in gratitude 4

118. for welcome to womanhood gifts from family members to my eldest
119. for finding my children's passions and being able to expand on them
120. for a quiet street in a busy place
121. for chore charts
122. for the flexibility of home schooling
123. for haircuts from TISHA!
124. for a new family favorite side dish... that everyone likes!
125. for fresh starts every morning... for both me and the kids
126. for being able to be consistant and reap the reward of that
127. for a childhood youth pastor and his wife still being willing and able to pastor me
128. for snoring husbands... he is breathing, he is here, he is with us I will take the snoring.
129. for friends who step up and help out when needed
130.  for the nearness of so many musuems and learning experiences that it is hard to choose
131. for half and half tea at restarunts- sweet is too sweet!
132. for a special treat at Panera the other morning and  a few minutes with ma ma
133. a gymnasitc coach that sees my child and is willing to work with her
134. for enchilada casserole and my daugher who put the whole meal together!
135. for a friend to talk to for an hour and  a half on Tuesdays!
136. for a quiet night, watching a show and sharing ice cream with hubbie
137. for quick kisses on the cheeks from little girls
138. for trips to the library and days to read books all snuggled in our beds!
139. for a day with the family... learning and just being.
140. for a working environment that is a little flexible so my husband can be sick or be with family when needed
141. for a time of remembering with family
142. for noodles and cheese... yum
143. for a 10 year old son who still cuddles...
144. for possible freedom for Egypt... we will see
145. for a wonderful opportunity to vacation with my family
146. for antibiotic shots- hit it hard and fast
147. for indoor waterparks in the "winter"
148. for threading instead of waxing... my eyebrows thank India
149. for my childs artistic ability
150. for heart changes that you can see

Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Issue of the Heart

So MONTHS ago I started reading GOOD AND ANGRY by Scott Turansky

and I HAD to put the book down for a while and truly meant to pick it back up but LIFE happened. But I grabbed it the other day and shoved it in my purse with the intention of reading in the car during art lessons. I didn't get to it but found it still in my purse on our vacation a few days I took the opportunity to read some more. Actually I RE READ all that I had read- for a reminder of course and I found out something about myself.

I am really bad about parenting. I mean I am just NO good at it.

I screw up. I fail. I feel guilty for failing. I feel guilty for feeling guilty and then guess what I feel guilty for feeling guilty that I felt guilt. GET THE PICTURE.

Do you feel that way? I mean I am angry that I GOT angry. I am depressed that I am depressed... or I am frustrated that I got frustrated. Then I am angry because the reason I got frustrated was legitimate. THEN I feel guilty for getting angry.



ANGER is not the sin. Anger is the GOD GIVEN EMOTION to tell me something is wrong.


Look at the whole picture. Is your child being sinful? Can you use this moment to TEACH instead of stepping into the boxing ring?

YES, you can.

And as I continued reading I realized that I done it just earlier that evening.!

WE had been on vacation for two FULL, busy days. The hotel has a special story time at night, you gather around this stage and the "Pocahontas" type character comes out and tell you a story at 8:00 p.m. right before "bed". and SNOW falls from the ceiling and fills the "forest" with white sprinkles of happiness.

I was excited about story time- see the picture here. So we rushed back from our Rainforest Cafe eating EXPERIENCE in order to not miss the SNOW. As I told the kids in the car what we were doing... immediately the attitude, complaining, ugly, selfishness reared it's little head.

I was SOOO upset- and I said so. BUT after a minute I stopped. Dave dropped us off at the front and I just stopped. As the kids got out of the car I began calmly telling them a story.

When I was a little kid we went on vacation to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We had a lot of fun. One thing we did was to go to a show- which is huge in Eureka Springs. The show was some comedy thing and I DID not want to go. I am sure, SURE I made it plain and clear that I was not pleased with the outing. PLAINLY CLEAR.

Well by the end of the show which I LOVED... I practically knocked kids down to get to the front to get Tator (the main character's name) autograph. My family has TO this day NOT allowed me to live it down.

SOMETIMES you like things you don't THINK you will like.


My kids are really bad about having an non gracious attitude about events they don't WANT to do. I feel this is wrong because I think you should learn to participate even if YOU aren't getting something out of it. I feel like if you aren't having fun- help make it fun for someone else, or take the opportunity to learn something or just find a way to see the joy in whatever it is.. YOU KNOW POLLYANNA basically. See the good in things always.

So I finished up my story by telling them that I really wanted them to stop missing opportunities to find good in anything. To not sabotage the opportunity by having an attitude and miss what you could learn or what you could do for others. I mean if at the least they could tolerate the story time... just to see the wonder and amazement in a little kids eyes when the see snow--- think how that could give you JOY! Be happy for them.

I had stood up on the side the boxing ring and put ONE foot between the ropes but I backed up and STEPPED out of the ring. I made it a discussion. I empathized with them. I talked to them. I shared my heart. I wasn't long winded... this happened in just a few minutes. BUT all three of my children by the end had willing hearts to stay for the show.

Well we got to the show and it was all young kids and I gave them the choice to leave and do a different activity-- Kate and Matt asked Emily what would she rather do and she said arcade so we did just that! But their hearts were right.

IT wasn't about me WINNING the round- and them seeing the stupid show by George. It was simply their heart.

I reached their heart and it was like a tiny hammer knocked a little piece of hardness off and it allowed GOD to work in them!

I was a good parent on this night.

I was a good parent.

Now I will screw up a thousand more TIMES!!!! But today I have no guilt in the way I handled this situation. I have no anger or frustration at ME or towards the kids. I feel peace. I feel hope. I feel joy. I feel good--- like a tiny hammer knocked a piece of hardness off my heart and allowed GOD to work in ME.

And that is a good day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Because I live in some alternate universe...

Until 5 months ago my kids were hardly EVER sick. REALLY. But between my headaches/ migraines issues and the kids kids picking up every virus known to man for the last 5 months I feel like I am in an alternate universe... could the person who took my high ammunity system kids just give them back already!

Emily got sick ON vacation so on Friday of the GWL vacation she woke up at 6:00 throwing up and that was fun. She had 102.7 on the way home and still has a touch of fever now.

And because we like to keep things hopping around here... MATT just threw up.

I am still on antibiotics and feel like a zombie.

Emily is running temp.

Matt is throwing up.

Really. REALLY!!!

Things to do:

I am interrupting your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this special bulletin... meaning I will get back to the REST of vacation pictures next week!

I have been sick for the last 5 months. NOT every day, or all the time but a lot. If I haven't, then one of  my kids  have! It has really, really screwed up some of my plans. I am fighting with wanting to be FREE and just go with the flow.... and on the other side knowing things have to be different for us to succeed!

So here are my things to do!

vitamin regiment. I am starting the entire family on vitamins- yes, Family Team- (elderberry????) feel free to send me yours!

schedule.  Yes, because you all KNOW how good I am at it, but it must be done.  So wake up time is 6:30 and the day shall be as regimented as I can make it but still allow us to breath!

routine.  I have set in motion a few new routines, one being a NEW chore system.. YES, because you know how much I like change and failing previously aforementioned chore chart systems!

grocery and menu planning.  I was really good at this and have felt it slipping away from me, so this is just a matter of putting THIS hat back on!  I will make my list of 30 rotating meals and quit trying to be ingenious for a while and just put food on the table!  I will also be busting out some batch cooking.

budgeting.  Dave and I tried this new budget thing called    UM... hello it tracks everything you spend to see where your money goes.  OUCH.  Um Double OUCH.  So we are back to envelopes.  :0)

lesson planning.  I actually had great lesson plans for this 6 weeks- I am pretty happy with it but need to critique a few things.  I also need to again be diligent to be purposeful in the schooling we do!  I am calling MONDAY the beginning of my new 6 weeks and moving on from there! Our new schedule will take us through April 1 and sabbatical week, then through May 20.  We shall see!  :0)

homemaking.  I have been lacking in this area with not feeling so hot.  I am going to try to not let it drop so far into NOT A PRIORITY category again.  I also have so many plans with decorating that I want to do, but it is time for SPRING CLEANING and another GREAT PURGE!

SO none of these things are NEW..... I am just using YOU guys as an excuse to remind ME what I need to do!  THANKS GUYS....

Friday, February 18, 2011

More of the wolf pack....

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."

~ Rudyard Kipling

"How lonely is the night without the howl of a wolf."

~ Unknown


“Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.”

German Proverb

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My water logged little wolf cubs...

the last picture I am saving for a Wordless Wednesday... because it is just THAT kindof picture.  :0)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My day started with this...

My day ended with this....

Good times...