Thursday, February 3, 2011

Month of Brotherly LOVE...

So this whole month we are focusing on loving our siblings.  This is needed as we have been having some *ahem* issues. I do not want the kids to respond to each other the way the WORLD tells us siblings have to respond to each other.  IT is a lie from the devil!

Brothers and Sisters can be friends---- it doesn't mean that their relationship will be perfect, but they can learn to love each other and put others before themselves!  This is really what it is about... their character is who they are when NO one is watching!  Well this starts with your family.  I mean it is easy to be nice to a child who just comes to play for awhile, but your brother and sister--- the world tells us NO way!

So enter the book:

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Sarah, Stephen and Grace Mally

We started reading the book on Wednesday...

I made worksheets to go with what we were doing and I am going to make cards of them to go in our memory box so that we will continually be going over them.

I had the kids take turn reading and we got through the whole chapter. We would stop and talk about what we were reading.  I then had the kids take the self evaluation.

In addition to reading this book over the next few weeks is our LOVE CHALLENGE!

I have taken 3 jars and written each child's name on one.  Inside the jar are "DEEDS" for the kids to do.

Pretty much think The LOVE DARE.. which is what I based this off of!

I wanted the kids to actively be thinking about DOING for each other, to put their brother/ sister needs above their own.  The kids were pretty excited to be honest.  I am hoping that it will last through out the challenge and of course spur them on to better loving relationships afterwards! 

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Lisa said...

I really like your jar idea! Truthfully, we struggle around here sometimes with siblings not treating each other the best and you've given me some ideas.