Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up -- Week 26

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Monday morning we got up, took Daddy to work, got our MONDAY donuts (new big hit with the kids!), took dry cleaning, ran by the post office, and got home!

MONDAYS are my get out in the morning and run THOSE kind of errands day.

BUT I got home and we started school- I didn't wait to do chores, I didn't start laundry, I didn't log into face book check on important stuff.  I just sat down and started school.

BIG, HUGE, WONDERFUL difference!

So Brenda (I am thinking the chores moved to another time besides the morning is a GO!)

So just on Monday- 4 lessons of Writing with Ease done, 3 lessons in FLL (with accompanying worksheets I print out), 3 lessons done in FLL3, Emily did part of a LLATL lesson, handwriting, Math, BIBLE before we stopped for lunch!  WHOO HOO.

Of course the day went down hill from there BUT heck, at least that got done.

I got on the phone and made 5 eye doctor appointments, 3 dentist appointments, 1 ENT appointments, a neurology appointment, and 3 pediatric well visits.  NOW I JUST GOTTA KEEP EM!

My mom and sister, with my niece in tow came over... so we had a pretty good visit, sans my headache!

Tuesday-- well Monday night landed me at Urgent care and over to the hospital for a CT scan and blood work.  The CT scan didn't show anything unusual but my white count was extremely high, so I am on antibiotics for whatever infection there is, pain med for my actual headache (which has only managed to take the edge off) and a decongestant for some sinus issue (which is making the original headache worse and could possibly be the infection!)

So I slept in on Monday while Dave took Matt to the ENT- which was fine (tonsils and adenoids swollen slightly low numbers possibly due to the tonsils an adenoids.  We simply go back in three months to check again)

The kids did math, handwriting and Explode the Code (Emily) and that was that for the day. 



 We stayed home in our COLD, COLD weather!  BUT no snow day for us.. we used the opportunity to bust out the school books!  We worked from 9:00-5:00, literally--- with a few breaks!  We had fun stuff too!

It is Groundhog Day so we started our morning off seeing what good Ole' Phil had to say, see what else we did here!

All About Spelling--- FINISHED Level 1, Whoo hoo, onto Level 2 (I already have it, what a blessing!)

Bible- we started the story of Samuel and Eli.


IEW- Kate is continuing on lesson 4

Math- check

Handwriting- check

History----read Johnny Tremain some more, finished the Matchlock Gun with Emily...

Science--- completely and totally caught up and have read and started reading THE NERVOUS SYSTEM... which we have already done some discussing and activity on...

We worked on our next service project...

We started Making Brothers and Sisters  Best Friends...

We started our MONTH OF LOVE...(I already posted on this here)

We used our Challenge Jars for the second day!


This is Dave's weird morning off once a month, so I was determined to not let it deter us from our awesome schooling... so we got up and got started at 9:00.  HA.  It was really 10:30, but we got started okay!  :0)

I prodded Hubbie out of bed and he sat with us while we did Bible with the kids and then memory work.

and helped them with their LOVE CHALLENGE pick of the day. 

We did FLL (conjunctions, quotation marks and review of adverbs)

writing (Kate did IEW and Matt wrote another Lego episode)

We also continued working  on our science- by starting the crossword puzzle. 

We read more of Johnny Tremain.

Emily and I started reading Felicity and doing a lapbook on her.  I ordered the movie to watch, because no one had it....oh well.

We of course did math, handwriting and Explode the Code.  CHECK!

Emily also did a unit on homophones because on Tuesday she asked me if her soul was on her foot-- she got confused when her gymnastics teacher said something about landing on the sole of your feet.  SO we learned about homophones!  :)

soul- sole
aunt- ant
beat- beet
hare- hair
meat- meet

She also got another book on her chart for LLATL!  WE also started the next lessons.

Whewwww... then my decongestant kicked in and I was DONE!  :)


The decongestant I am taking is kicking my bootie!  I slept until 10:00 because I took a dose at 8:00.  But Dave had the kids get chores done before he left for work at 10:30.  I got up, made breakfast, took a picture of our ICE STORM- no snow, just a little ice....

and then I went back to bed, where I stayed and the kids got LOADS of physical activity by playing the Wii.

But we had three awesome days!  :)


Phyllis said...

Congrats for finishing AAS level 1! Sounds like a great week.

Debbie said...

Sounds like an awesome week!

cahanbury said...

What a great week. Feel better!

Brenda said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Felicity movie!!!! It's very good!!!!

Also, did I miss this? What is that silver magnetic-y thing you do spelling on? I need to know.

Kathleen said...

Oh, I hope you feel better. Headaches are no fun!!

It sounds like you had a productive week - it does sure help to put other "stuff" aside and just get started on it! :)