Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Today in school with Emily we celebrated the Chinese New Year!  Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!  Which is Happy New Year in Chinese.

We read this book....Chinese New Year: Nicks New Year

and I got a few ideas from here...and here

We watched a section on Between the Lions about Chinese New Year..

We colored a picture.

We made this snake.

We ate CHINESE food... I mean really, who passes up that chance!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Reasons to get your carpet cleaned...

1. It is taking care of an investment, carpet is expensive.
2. dust mites...enough said.
3. carpet can hide a POUND of soil per square foot.  YEAH
4. stains
5. allergies, fungi and bacteria.. enough said.
6. smell
7. you have a dog... enough said.

IF those reasons are not good enough to invest 100-200 dollars on carpet cleaning... THIS MIGHT BE.



****Yes, I am aware of how bad it was and I am just happy it is clean.  I am showing this to you for your benefit even though it might reflect poorly on me-- it IS darker when it is wet. Just FYI  :0) ***

Monday, February 11, 2013

Currently...Feb 2013

Currently loving...the fact that I have next years school choices picked out... of course they can change--- I don't think they are going to change, though.  It is just one less thing to research, learn about, think about, worry about.... NOW all I gotta do is pay for it all.  (((sigh)))

Currently reading...a Clive Cussler book (fiction) and Nim's Island (pre read for Emily and book club)

Currently waiting for...willpower.  :0)

Currently excited week we are off school all week and Dave is off work Mon-Wed and we are PAINTING. I actually detest painting, but I LOVE the finished result!

Currently missing...Sarah Jean.  Not being near sometimes nearly kills me.

Currently trying...empty my home of EXCESS.  You know the whole simplify thing.  I do care about simplifying but more so I care about emptying my home of STUFF we don't need!  I am on a rampage!

Currently working at..picking up everything sans the couch and table off the living/ dining room floor because we have the carpet cleaners coming tomorrow!  YEAH! 

Currently enjoying...getting to spend a little bit on some house decorations!  It is always fun!  I found my gray coverlet--- I was looking for one similar to a coverlet from Restoration Hardware ($150.00) that was too expensive, and I found one very similar at Steinmart for $30.00!!!!! King SIZE!  Deal!  

Currently using...Pinterest a lot!  Looking for ideas, learning techniques, saving pictures of things I like

Currently wearing...gray yoga pants and a polo-- comfy, comfy!

Currently planning... house stuff right now, and next week I will lesson plan for the next 6 weeks also Emily's birthday next month and two field trips. 

Currently singing...nothing.

Currently needing... answers/ direction on a few silent prayer requests

Currently to CROCHET!  Yeah!!!

Currently listening to... the washer machine cycle end (must get up and change that) and Matt wrangling Riley

Currently doing...I always thing this is a stupid one because obviously I am blogging.. changing it to Currently what are you ABOUT to be doing...  Which is math with Emily and obviously laundry.

Currently praying for...healing for a friend, peace for another friend and the above mentioned answer/ direction for me  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

a little jig....

I am doing the Internet jig!  I won't show you what it looks like, but believe you, ME, I am doing it!

We have not had Internet here for over 6 weeks!  The first almost three it was down and the other almost three was simply letting AT&T go and switching to Comcast! 

Whoop whoop!

Doing the jig again!

I had started 2013 with the best intentions of THIS being THE year I blogged daily!  That of course didn't happen, simply TOO difficult to handle on my phone and pictures..... were even harder. 

 So WHAT has happened in these past 6 weeks.

Kaitlin made Regions!!!!

Matt started Saxon Algebra 1/2

I got another kidney thing, but feeling better!!!

My sister got in TWO minor wrecks-- she is fine!

Washington has gone to hell in hand basket!-- Don't even get me STARTED!

It is award season-- which simply tends to irritate me.  I think their huge paychecks is award enough-- but I think it is great when the same people who criticize capitalism are such huge recipients of it!

Riley is bigger.

I went to the gym!

We realized that we CAN not watch TV for 6 weeks.  We did however watch a lot of movies!

I made a felt wreath, which is pretty!

Dave worked a fair amount extra-- BOO.

I didn't go to Disney world even though my parents and sister were all there--- BOO.

I saved money, both by NOT going to Disney world and also by putting into action our new budget!

I rearranged the pantry.

I made biscuits from scratch!

We went on a field trip to the aquarium.

I cleaned Emily's room-- majorly!  Then I promptly banned her from setting foot in it.  She is now allowed some access.  :0)

I caught the kids up on our Timeline for Sonlight--- Whew!

I reworked the chore system.

I organized ALL our bills, papers etc.

I put away Christmas and left out winter, then I took down winter and put out Valentines stuff.

I bought a new pair of jeans.

I shopped with Emily for her new dress to wear to the Father/ Daughter Valentines Dance... FUN!

Okay... I really cant think of anything else!  And I am sure you are glad to KNOW all I already mentioned!

What have YOU done the past 6 weeks???