Saturday, February 2, 2013

a little jig....

I am doing the Internet jig!  I won't show you what it looks like, but believe you, ME, I am doing it!

We have not had Internet here for over 6 weeks!  The first almost three it was down and the other almost three was simply letting AT&T go and switching to Comcast! 

Whoop whoop!

Doing the jig again!

I had started 2013 with the best intentions of THIS being THE year I blogged daily!  That of course didn't happen, simply TOO difficult to handle on my phone and pictures..... were even harder. 

 So WHAT has happened in these past 6 weeks.

Kaitlin made Regions!!!!

Matt started Saxon Algebra 1/2

I got another kidney thing, but feeling better!!!

My sister got in TWO minor wrecks-- she is fine!

Washington has gone to hell in hand basket!-- Don't even get me STARTED!

It is award season-- which simply tends to irritate me.  I think their huge paychecks is award enough-- but I think it is great when the same people who criticize capitalism are such huge recipients of it!

Riley is bigger.

I went to the gym!

We realized that we CAN not watch TV for 6 weeks.  We did however watch a lot of movies!

I made a felt wreath, which is pretty!

Dave worked a fair amount extra-- BOO.

I didn't go to Disney world even though my parents and sister were all there--- BOO.

I saved money, both by NOT going to Disney world and also by putting into action our new budget!

I rearranged the pantry.

I made biscuits from scratch!

We went on a field trip to the aquarium.

I cleaned Emily's room-- majorly!  Then I promptly banned her from setting foot in it.  She is now allowed some access.  :0)

I caught the kids up on our Timeline for Sonlight--- Whew!

I reworked the chore system.

I organized ALL our bills, papers etc.

I put away Christmas and left out winter, then I took down winter and put out Valentines stuff.

I bought a new pair of jeans.

I shopped with Emily for her new dress to wear to the Father/ Daughter Valentines Dance... FUN!

Okay... I really cant think of anything else!  And I am sure you are glad to KNOW all I already mentioned!

What have YOU done the past 6 weeks???

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