Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: Feb 24-28


Just choir and school stuff... 


The great hospital adventure!

Dave got Kate to art and sign thankfully! 


I cancelled Matt's ortho-- again-- with the whole foot thing yesterday. 

We got school done in the morning and early afternoon and then met Brenda and the girls at Food Town to shop for the tea party. 

We split the girls into teams to shop on their own...


The tea party!!

That night we went to a get together with friends at the skating rink...


We had a whole day at home and yet it doesn't feel like much got accomplished! It did but looking back it doesn't feel like it! 

We had a WILD and CRAZY Friday evening of math and science fun!  Well math and science work anyway! 

And that wraps up last week-- I need a fresh week!

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