Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Virginia Trip---- Day 2

We spent the night in Birmingham and headed toward Chattanooga, TN the next morning... we let the kids decide what activity to do and they choose Rock City... Look Out Mountain.  It was really, really amazing!  It is expensive and I am sure that is a deciding factor for a lot of people to not go.... but if you can afford too it is really beautiful!.  Just the drive up the mountain to GET to it is beautiful.. you are driving in and out of Tennessee and Georgia going up the mountain.

Once we got to the top we felt like maybe we had made the wrong choice picking this expensive tourist trap!  But once we were inside... we loved it.  You are meandering through natural stone pathways amidst HUGE boulders and crevices...There were people everywhere but it was quiet and peaceful!

And then we came to Needle's Eye Pass.... well it as over for me!  I was NOT going on!  I told the kids and Dave to just leave me and go on... I would make my way back the way I came.  But the kids wouldn't hear of it and after a lot of hyperventilating, crying, praying (I am totally serious) I finally gathered enough courage to go through... Dave waited on the the entrance end so no one could come up on me... and I went AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE through this barely passable NARROW pass.  I made it!  It was truthfully very hard for me, but I was so glad that I faced my fears and did it.  1. because the kids knew how hard it was for me and saw me do it and 2. because the reward of getting through was amazing and I would have missed out!

Once we got to the top the view was amazing... so beautiful!  The top of Lookout Mountain allows a view of 7 states at once!  Coming from TEXAS that just amazes me!!!    It was so peaceful and beautiful.

There was a restaurant and we grabbed slices of pizza and Emily mined for gems then we headed back out... I was good until we go to FAT MANS SQUEEZE and I was done.  (Dave says he really barely squeezed through)   It was stairs and I knew I couldn't go fast and I just could not do it.. SO I found a worker and lo and behold there was a handicap route and I just wandered on the asphalt path all the way to the entrance!  NO SQUEEZE for me!

We headed out to Asheville from there.. we had thought we would be there about 2 hours max but we were there almost four!  It was a really great experience.

We pulled into Asheville late and TIRED, but not too tired for Krispy Kreme!!

then we headed downtown for my surprise for Kate and Sara.... a British Double Decker Bus that was turned into a coffee house!  SO MUCH FUN!

after that we found out hotel, grabbed some drive thru and crashed!

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