Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School------2014/ 2015

So our first day of school coincided with the first day of choir-- not the best combination... 

I was up til after 12:00 doing last minute things in the school room and praying.. 

I got up not too early but early enough that I SHOULD have had plenty of time to get everything done..

Good intentions... Does that count?

I got up-- got the kids up, got into an issue starting out-- spent time on it, dealt with another issue with hubbie-- by then I barely had time to shower!  So I'm running behind, needed to blow dry Emily's hair and pack lunches...

Went to pack lunches and the leftovers that I thought I would have from the extra large dinner I made were NOT leftover... I contemplated figuring out another meal from my bare pantry but as late as I was I just let the packed lunch idea go...

Next went upstairs to start our school day-- hand out assignments etc and it was ONE issue after another...

At this point I'm 30 minutes behind when I wanted to leave! 

Finally got out the door!! We DID get a nice first day pic... Surprisingly! 

Got on the road-- 10 minutes from choir Emily realized she didn't have her choir binder and Kate had forgotten stuff she needed for later that evening...


So I got Emily settled, got Matt working.. Visited a bit and then ran got lunch, came back to feed the kids.. Got Kate settled then drove to Dave's work to get cash-- HE  needed lunch still so I went to get him lunch-finally got back home, grabbed the stuff and headed back across town to grab Kaitlin.  

Tomorrow WILL be a better day!!! 


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