Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Virginia Trip--- Day. 4 plus the morning of DAY 5

We left out from Lynchburg, VA that morning for a full day of driving... Straight over the Smokey Mountains again!  As I drive away I had a bit of a hard time knowing I was leaving Kate and an entire mountain range and four states would be between us!

We were headed to Lexington, KY.  It was a beautiful drive.. a lot of two lane highways though!

At one point on the drive Matt asked what a soda shop was-- he had seen a billboard advertising one-- so off we went on an adventure to find the old fashioned soda shop!  It was fun and quaint.  It is still a real pharmacy-- with the soda shop up front.  We had a great snack and headed out again! 

Our main reason for going to Lexington was to take Emily to the Kentucky Horse Park...
She was so excited!!! 

We got to ride in a horse trolley on a tour of the grounds.. and see a horse show. Emily and I had a great time!!

One of my high lights if the trip oddly enough.... was a cemetary!  Years ago Matt had told me he wanted to go to Lego Land and Daniel Boones grave.  I have weird kids okay!

We amazingly got to a Lego Land Discovery Center on a trip to Chicago-- but it's not LEGO LAND...but them a year later we were going to Florida and LO and BEHOLD they had just opened a LEGO LAND in Florida two months before!

From here it was off to Cincinnati!!!

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