Monday, October 20, 2014

Virginia Trip the rest of Day 5...

So thing started to head south.. I was dealing with a MAJOR migraine and a lot of other pain and we ended up driving to find an urgent care!  After a shot, some antibiotics and pain meds we left for the hotel... I didnt get to do everything I had planned in Cincinnati and I am pretty disappointed about that... but we did our best.  I was feeling some better the next morning and ended up being able to drive around and SEE somethings even though we didnt get out and do everything!

We did get to see the city, which was as I imagined it!! Old! There were winding streets on hills, old buildings, old everything!  I loved it!

We drove around Eden Park--- love it.. beautiful architecture... You round the corner at one point and can see across the river-- which isn't Cincinnati but the city of Covington, KY.

We went to Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption--- made in replica of Notre Dame in Paris and it is SO beautiful.... just beautiful.  We just walked around for 30 minutes in awe of the building, stained glass, woodwork....

We drove over the Roebling Suspension Bridge.. multiple times, because I have a thing for bridges!
This bridge was on the intro to WKRP in Cincinnati (not that I watched that show, I was a Welcome back Kotter fan.  Not really... I'm not that old. LOL.)

I only have about 60 pictures of this bridge.  :0)

We had lunch downtown at Fountain Square... All the downtown workers were there having lunch.. it was a busy place but yet peaceful!

We found Krohn Conservatory but didn't go it... one of my favorite (junior high) movies was about roller bladers who skate through the conservatory and Eden Park... sigh.

We also drove by the Freedom Center-- which was high on my list.. But alas, it wasn't to be...

We tried foods that Cincinnati is known for like Cincinnati Chili-- which we all agree is gross.

We finally drove to the place that PUT Cincinnati on my tour list--- Harriet Beecher Stowes house!  And WE GOT THERE 5 MINUTES AFTER THEY CLOSED... Sigh.  I got pictures at least!

Then on our way out of town we went to Jungle Jim's!! Wow.  It was HUGE!!! So cool.  Emily put a note on their suggestion box to bring one to Houston-- and less than 24 hours later she received the sweetest reply--that they weren't expanding now but Houston would be top on their list! 

After all that we headed to Indianapolis..

If you are keeping up by this point we have been through 11 states!

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