Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Virginia Trip--- THE WEDDING... Day (pre wedding)

Finally we got to my Sarah!!!! My babies!!! I hadn't seen her for close to a year at this point!  Too long!!

We got to see the beautiful venue and chatted about some logistics!  Then we headed out to check in at the hotel and eat dinner together with the rest of the family....  

The next Morning we started in on wedding business!  We went shopping for the first of three last minute shopping trips! We figured out how we would do this and that... We got her nails done and drove around with the kids and finally ended up back at the venue to get to work!!

There was so much to be done.. But it all came together!  

That evening we had the dress rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.. 

The next day was the day!!!

We had makeup appointments and got her hair done!   Then we headed towards her groom!

I got so many great pictures!! Don't get me wrong I got tons of not great ones too!!

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