Friday, March 16, 2012


My son has let me know- clearly and plainly, I might add- that he really prefers to write in pen while doing math.

I have let my son know- clearly and just as plainly, I might add- that there is an unwritten LAW of the UNIVERSE that you use pencil whilst doing math.

Can I get an amen?

He is under the funny assumption that his preferences should always be THE WAY IT IS...

I shall break him of that if it's the last thing I do, my pretty. {{{cackle}}}

No, really. It is not okay in life to think YOUR preferences should always be accepted, allowed, catered too-- etc.

It is called Self Absorption. That is pretty close to SELF-

WE don't always get what we want-- Life is not a Rolling Stones Song
WE don't always get it our way-- this is not Burger King

The world does not revolve around ME-- Learn this lesson and you will go far in life my little Padawon!

I want my kids to not be selfish -- meaning we talk about giving to others, thinking of others, giving of our self.. etc. Since infant hood we have dealt with them being selfish--

BUT self absorption-- it seems to sprout in children as they get older and can better verbalize THEIR preference.. or better yet maybe figure out that they HAVE a preference!  As they grow it gets BIGGER and BIGGER.. and we need to focus less on them being selfish (like with sharing toys) and more on them NOT JUST THINKING ABOUT THEMSELVES.

We talked about if you and your friends are deciding on a movie OR a fun place to go .. a way to not be self absorbed would be to NOT just think about what YOUR favorite food is or what YOU want to see most...

It is a hard lesson and one that I KNOW I don't have down pat!  But I suppose if I can work on this character trait by simply having him use a pencil instead of a pen... so be it. 

I am pretty sure that later on in life.. his wife will thank me.  :0)

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Brenda said... could just send him to public school where he could learn to get in line (moo!), wait his turn, and do what everyone else is doing without even thinking of another way.

Maybe this problem can slightly be blamed on homeschooling? No..I know my nieces and nephews also think things should be as they desire them to be and they go to public school. But really, your future daughter-in-law WILL thank you! :)