Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Emily!

Okay I am not going to focus on the fact that  year from now I will no longer have any children NOT in the double digits... seriously!

I cannot stand it.  She even looks older to me.  I miss baby hands. 

She had an extra special birthday this year... we had planned on Matt and Dave taking this shooting course called Appleseed... and the closest one to us at the time we booked was Dallas and well that was near THE AMERICAN GIRL STORE!  So Emily got money from us, and three grandparents for her special shopping spree at the store!  Also for some extra fun -- Mary Faith and Becky AND Ma Ma Vickie got to come!  WE had an awesome time in Dallas!  We spent over 4 hours at the American Girl Store..... yes. OVER. FOUR. HOURS!  It's not that big people. 

We shopped,

got the girls hair done (and by girls I mean doll's) did a craft,

 had lunch at the cafe

and got books signed by the author-- which was neat!

Emily bought McKenna-- the doll of the year who is into gymnastics! 

We also had a small family party for Emily here on Saturday-- which also HAPPENS to be Super Mario Brother Day-- doesn't everyone celebrate Super Mario Day!  The kids played the Wii and it was very low key but fun anyway...

And to top off an already awesome birthday hoopla--- her best friend Mary Faith got to wake up with her on her birthday!-- Last night the girls roller skated DERBY style all around the house.... I say just roll with it. (no pun intended)  I am all for Emily expelling energy!

Donut holes for the birthday girl.

special brownie treat and McDonald's happy meals (a rare treat) at Mimi's house for the birthday girl..

a 9th Birthday Extravaganza!!!


Mommy of Two said...

Wow, 9 already?! What a fun birthday!

H-Mama said...

ah-ha! emily's bday, of course! i should read these in order, yes? ;) 9... still such a sweet 'innocent' age. love it! what a fun, memorable birthday!!