Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 116-120

Sorry it's so boring... but at least I have it all written down!


We got back from our vacation late and ended up sleeping late because the alarm was turned off and was LATE to Emily's audition-- I was mortified-- but it was fine and everything worked out!  Emily did well.  She didn't sing very loudly and we all KNOW she can so it didnt' show the director very much confidence but I suppose as the show goes that director will see what all she can do and it will show in future performances.  Personally I don't care what part she gets -- I am not one of those moms but I do want her to do her best and I know that she can be very confident on stage so I was a little disappointed that she didn't portray that.... in her church performances they TURN her mic down!

edited to say:  Emily got the part of Sister Sophia and ensemble.. so she is very excited because she gets to sing in the Maria song and say "Will o' the wisp"! and she gets to dress for the party scene and sing GOOOODBYEEEEEEE! to all the children!

Sister Sophia is the second from the left  picture credit

we got home from auditions and Emily started on school work and soon after Matt and Kaitlin got home from choir.  Each of the kids did math, vocab, Latin and read for history.  Then later we did Bible and the kids all did flash card work and typing. 


I am eventually going to stop writing that we got up late because it is much more becoming the norm than not.  However right now I AM sleeping FULL nights with a different medicine that is helping my headache some.. and I am simply sleeping a lot.  Anyhoo...

Got up.. did some chores. Had breakfast.  I REALLY, REALLY need to go to the grocery store but it just is not my priority right this minute so we shall have to make do with WEIRD WHATEVER IS IN THE FREEZER FUN MEALS!  you know what I am talking about right!

We did Bible, started our memory verses up again, Latin, vocab, math-- watched part of the Sound of Music again with lunch and had an hour reading time (mommy lay her head down on a pillow in quiet time)
and next we did physics


We started with Bible review this morning and our Bible verse for this week... John 1:3-4

Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. 
 In Him was life and that life was the light of all mankind.

We finished up our physics from yesterday and did some review.. the kids did their crossword and worksheet.

We started our new artist study on Louis Comfort Tiffany...

such beautiful work!!! 

The kids played Apples to Apples and I had a problem calling them back to do school work because they were having such a good time!

But alas I did... they did math, vocab, Latin review and English!

We also played Math wrap around and Boggle...


the kids just got math, vocab and Latin done and we left for Dave Ramsey class.  Emily got to go shopping with Amy for her birthday present.  So I had an hour and a 1/2 to myself!  RARE!!! I just did errands...SO EXCITING!


we got up and did Bible--

we also did Latin, started reading our next history chapter, finished up our history reads, did math, English and ALL About Spelling

we also read a chapter in Little Woman

and then we settled down for a quiet reading hour during our rain storm!

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