Tuesday, March 20, 2012

blah, blah, blah

  • okay here is a random post for you.

  • I love pineapple. I forget about till I cut it up for a fruit tray at a party and then I remember how much I love it! Also kiwi-- I love kiwi. Must buy more variety of fruit! I always get apples, grapes and navel oranges!

  • Emily's physics binder is lost. I am VERY frustrated about this, but moving on today and just copying the pages she needs to do.. I will think about it tomorrow.

  • I am really, really ready to paint the house- money of course matters, but I could have prioritized paint money if I had really wanted to-- the thing is I HATE to paint. But I need to just DO IT! I will be so happy with it once it is done!

  • I need to do some lesson planning. We have 56 days left of this school year! Now technically THAT has nothing to do with my lesson planning as we will not wrap up ANY of our curriculum on that magic day! I know stupid to count right.. It is just my base for the kids "grade" level. Hello, you have completed another 180 mandatory days of schooling-- you are in the next grade level!

  • I need to work on my laundry system. Actually what I need to do is fold clothes as they come out of the dryer and MY system would be perfect. I have a folding area-- which I need some baskets to add a little more organization-- but really I just actually need to FOLD CLOTHES!

  • Emily's first theater practice went great-- there was a parent meeting and I am helping with costumes. We shall see. A lot of the ladies were very friendly. I was not bored watching what they were doing but I know it will get boring at some point-- I will have a good stretch of time to check math, make index cards, work on STUFF ...IF I remember to bring it with me.. All of that takes planning and to be honest getting all three kids up, dressed and TO the theater before 9:00 plus making sure Emily has all she needs, plus making sure the KIDS have something to do for a few hours means I MIGHT NOT GET TO ME! We shall see.

  • Kaitlin is FLYING through math right now. I am so happy! I am sure that it must make her feel confident also! Matt is flying too and will quickly catch up to Kaitlin-- which I am fine with. Emily is doing fine too we just need to work on her facts. WHICH she fights!

  • My van is still in the shop- NOT EVEN DIAGNOSED. I am so beyond frustrated but apparently it probably is a seal and the entire engine will have to be taken apart to actually diagnose that it IS the seal and while the part to fix it is cheap the labor IS NOT. So Dave says he is pleased to purchased the warranty. My thoughts are still out on that.

  • I want to plan a date night with Dave. Must do that soon!

  • I made Mongolian beef last night for dinner-- and it was amazing.  Really.  It was not that hard and the flank steak cost 7 dollars for all of us.  I served rice with it and the ingredients for the sauce didn't even add up to 1 dollar so we ate WELL for under 10!  It was so good and has made it onto our MAIN meal list.  Do you have a set number of recipe's that you repeat?  I tried enchilada's last week and it wasn't such a hit-- I guess I will stick with my enchilada casserole recipe. 

  • I know that people who know me IRL will gasp at this but I am actually looking forward to Thursday's gym day.  I still don't like rowdiness but I am looking forward to being able to sit and chat with a few moms! 

  • I guess I need to get back to schooling my children so that we can say we only have 55 days left of school-- they had lunch and are currently running around the house playing Nerf war and all the lights are turned off. 


Brenda said...

Xtra math. Free site. Good practice!!

See you at gym! :)

Mommy of Two said...

Hmmm I LOVE to paint! Of course I have a whole house to paint when we get in so.... I may not love it so much later ;)

I was going to say something else but I forgot. Miss you!