Monday, November 21, 2011

a gratitude post

a little worrying-- but the worry was over what I should do not over the actual reason for the situation in the first place

but mostly I just calmly dealt with the situation and wondered what I should/ could do...

We moved out of our rental property on September 30 and the landlord has 30 days to get your deposite back to you... well our landlord who is the sweetest "old" lady in the world has recently become extremely ill-- like deathbed ill and her son has taken over the properties.

We were concerned as he was not really taking care of things as they should be taken care off.

We have attempted to be in contact with them but trying to be tactful of his mom who is literally no longer able to speak with a breathing machine-- LIKE i literally check the obituaries every other day to see if she has passed away (morbid I know but what's a girl to do?)

NO, for a little money I would simply let it go but this was a substantial amount of cash, well over a thousand dollars, which to be honest... we need.

So anyway we were patient, discreet and understanding and TRULY wanting to be patient, discreet and understanding!!! but also truly wanting our deposit back if you know what I mean... I was unsure what would happen if she did pass away---?

I didnt want to file legal paperwork- I did not want to just forget about the money so were were just in limbo... waiting on the son.

Well I recieved a text this morning that he has mailed the check!

Thank you GOD. I am proud of the way Dave and I have responded to this. The kids and I have all prayed for both Mrs. Martha and her son. It was a learning experience of real life and a "what can you do situation" or better yet "what should a Christian do" situation...

I believe we handled it properly and am so happy that it is done and over!

I am glad for the money but truthfully I am more glad that the situation is over... does that make sense?

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