Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent: 2011

Advent begin last night... I felt frustration because I have none of my Christmas stuff out and we are leaving for vacation so we will be gone on the road for two Sunday's.  Sigh....

but it's all good.

I worked it out.  I ordered a magnetic advent set (yes, you lose some of the loveliness, but hey hotels and candles don't always go well together!) from CBD catalog.

So we "lit" our first candle last night, we sat downstairs with moms tree and twinkling lights
and it was peaceful.....

I read the first day of our book for Advent, Jothams Journey--- out loud.

next the kids got to open their first ADVENT package----
a Lego City Advent Calender that will start on Dec 1

So we are definitely doing it differently than last year, but its just how things are working out this year-- an 11 day trip in the middle of December kind of throws everything out of whack let me tell you! 
I don't know if I will do a trip on these dates again....

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