Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today is brought to you by the letter T

T- is for the thankfulness I feel that my husband gets up out of his warm bed and goes out into this big harsh world to provide for our family.

T- is also for television and how much I do not miss cable one little bit yet!

T- is for trying... Trying new things and trying to expand on what I can do has so far resulted in a new found recipe we all like and a beautiful wreath of felt for the front door!

T- is for trust.  Trust and acknowledgment that HE will provide.

T- is for truth.  We had a little truth session with Kaitlin last night and it was wonderful and eased my load.... It also I believe strengthened our relationship.

T- is time... I am trying desperately to use my time wisely!

And lastly T- is for training.  We are on the routine train and trying hard to stay on the tracks--- it's that whole Laying Down Rails mentality!

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