Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am struggling but not because anything big, bad or overwhelming is happening... at least not to me.  We found out that my cousin (actually my moms cousin) who has dealt with cancer and thought she had beaten it once has found out the cancer is spread and she is opting to stop treatments.  She has a boy about Kate's age.... so sad for my Aunt and family.  My heart hurts for the path this has taken.  Also I have loved ones on the cusp of separation and my heart is hurting for their pain, struggle and decisions they are making in the next few days...

in the midst of such huge situations... any thoughts I have seem small and pitiful.

I have no words, no comfort, no idea why things happen... besides to show US to a place of brokenness.... To allow us to see God's grace.  And why not TO us... the Bible doesn't promise us happy endings.. He promised PEACE through the trials, HE promised He would never leave us or forsake us... HE promised that HIS grace is sufficient...

but none of those things make my heart hurt any less for them.

I have my daily struggles, my own giants but they seem so insignificant.  I know they are still important to God.. but I need to keep in perspective real problems and not allow my struggles to take such a hold until they become bigger than they truly are.

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