Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Update: you know since it has been a month.

Well, this has been a wonderful month... I have really gotten to stay at home, spend a lot of quality time with my family, just veg out and watch HGTV a lot...on the other hand IT IS THE ONLY THING I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO.  :0)  Since  June 3 I have been dealing with KIDNEY STONES.  Because most of my lovely readers already know this I will not go on and on about everything....I will just say this. I am so very, very sorry for anyone who deals with kidney stones.

We are of course dealing with a lot financially-- we have pretty good insurance and an FSA but 3 ER visits, 2 surgeries, doctors visits, a lot of medicines have very quickly added up!

 a few other things have gone on this month too....

  • we got a new dishwasher!  If you remember my parents own this home and we are renting so basically we have AWESOME landlords!  When it came time for a new dishwasher we opted to go in together to buy a REALLY good one and I am excited.  It is nice and so far working very well--- it takes forever though!
  • we kept Max- Amy and Brett's new dog, so cute!  and wow puppies are a lot of work!
  • we kept mom and dad's dog AND Brian's dog (they had cancelled a trip because of my surgery but when the date was changed they ended up getting to go-- I was so glad since I felt bad they had cancelled it...we love keeping the dogs- we get to send them home!)
  • we have been incredibly blessed with friends and family-- meals, helping with the kids, babysitting me--- asking if we need anything!  Such an amazing blessing!
  • we have continued on with school-- we missed a few days between my being really sick and the week recovering from the first surgery but have done pretty well keeping up since then.  I am behind where I wanted to be but feel pretty good about the fact that we are WHERE we are!
  • Emily finished up her Sound of Music play... more on that in another post.
  • we have missed out on a number of summer activities that I planned but it is what it is, right! 
  • Dave has already used a number of vacation days (so blessed that he has a lot!)
  • I learned today that my second surgery is postponed from Tuesday (today) until July 3-- this is really disheartening... I am hurting.  I am in limbo.  I am taking a boat load of meds that I would LOVE to be not taking.  I am not taking care of my family. I am tired and pretty much discouraged.  SO much of the kidney stone thing seems to be: Well WE DON'T KNOW....
I guess that is about all--- I promise some real updates soon and some pictures!  I will also hopefully also do a school sum up! 

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H-Mama said...

I've been thinking of you today, my friend! So, so sorry everything is being postponed, for now. As always, please let me know if there is anything we can do for you guys!! ((hugs))