Sunday, July 1, 2012

Matthew turns 12...

I cannot believe it. I want so much to keep watching and seeing the young man he is turning into but I also want to stop time...

The kids have missed out on a lot of activities and have been stuck at home for over a month now for the most part.... but we had weeks ago promised to take them to see Brave.  I have not really been left alone except for a very short time period between one person leaving and Dave coming home and we were trying to figure out when the best time to go was.  Matt came to Dave and said that he knew how much the girls really wanted to go and that he didn't want me to be home alone and volunteered to stay home with me... I mentioned to Brenda that I think Dave swelled up with pride!  It was such a sweet moment. 

He is growing up.  There are so many character traits that we work on... but he is so sweet and can be so caring.  I am so proud of him.  I know that he will struggle but that I pray that HE will continue to seek GOD's word and use it as a measure of HIS character.

We are having a party later on this week but for his birthday today.. he got to pick breakfast...

Dave and he went to Freebirds for lunch!

Becky and the family came over and brought cookie and cream ice cream for dessert and we had pizza for the kids and brisket sandwiches for the adults. 

We gave him part of his present today and it was SURPISE.. BOOKS!  Brian (my brother) had already given him The Hobbit, but we could only get it in a pack altogether so we bought it this way.  If he loves it as much as we THINK he will I am sure we will at some point buy a really nice set. 

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