Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Matthew's math changes....

 As I mentioned on a post before we are switching Matt from Math U See to Saxon a completely different math program.  We have many reasons for the switch and feel that they are well thought out and that we are making the right decision.  When we did the math placement test for Saxon it placed him at LEAVING 5th grade-- which might sound shocking seeing as he is going INTO 7th grade but I assure you if you know anything about how Math U See works vs. Saxon it is simply a matter of when they teach what...  He was simply missing ANY introduction to decimals or fractions-- which we were well aware that he had not been introduced to.

Being fine with that we chose to go with a tutoring program over the summer to catch him up on the areas he lacks and retake the placement test in Mid August... We have every confidence that he will not only skip 6th grade math but possibly 7th and there is a real chance that he will move INTO pre algebra... to prove this to you let me show you how he is doing in his tutoring program.

He has in the past few days done 5.1 hours of math SINCE June 23..... 5.1 hours of learning (and this is just online with NO help from or discussion from us) and he went from 15% to 28 % on his assessment he just took today!  I think the boy is going to do just fine!  For the most part it is simply a matter of introducing him to the topic... obtuse angle/ acute angle.... tenths, hundredths and thousands, decimals, fractions, common denominators, protractors, quotients  ... he FLYS when there is any algebra involved and LOVES it!

Assessment type / Action Date Assessment performance

Course Mastery
Show: Percent / Topics
Learning data since last assessment
Topics learned
since last assessment
Hours in ALEKS
since last assessment
Topics learned
per hour
since last assessment
Progress Assessment 07/06/2012

28 %
0 - -
Initial Assessment 06/25/2012

15 +12 %
38 5.1 7.5
Free Trial Assessment 06/23/2012

12 %


Unknown said...

Hmmm I wonder where he gets this from????

Unknown said...

Hmmm, I wonder where he gets this from???