Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heaven Sent Choir-- Spring Concert 2012

Here is the Kirsty Loo Hoo Girl

Here is Kaitlin-- can you see her way in the back there!  My tall girlie girl!

Her first year in choir and she has grown so much.  She sings beautifully.  She has learned so much and enjoys, TRULY enjoys it.  We are so glad to have found a "place" for her! 

This is Kaitlin with her trophy-- voted on by students for Most Improved-- I don't know if any other award would have meant as much as to her-- she was one of the new kids in choir this year and had to work hard to learn so much of what they already knew... she did work hard and all the kids could see how much she had grown from camp week last August to the spring concert!


H-Mama said...

congratulations to your girlie. she does have a beautiful voice.

i've been tempted to put the girls in this, too... but i'm realizing that i can't do it all. *sigh*

Brenda said...

That is awesome!! And, may I just say, that the little girl beside Kirsten is making the best face ever?