Sunday, July 22, 2012

Woe is me UNTIL WHOA!

Probably about this time every year.. usually a bit earlier I start thinking my kids haven't done enough work- perhaps I am failing them.  YADA, YADA, YADA!  Well a few days ago I was cleaning out my bookshelves (yes, getting rid of some books ***gasp***) and going through boxes and found box after box of the kids work.  THEY DO A LOT of school work.  I need a reminder sometimes though.    So I was feeling all sorry for myself that I was such a failure of a teacher and doing such a bad job-- the kids aren't getting this and the kids aren't getting that and I watched McKenna.  Epiphany!  Her parent SEND her to public school and she needed a tutor.  ( I don't think the kids need a tutor BTW-- )

(also sadly enough I got rid of books but still bought enough books to refill those spots (some of the sold books were out of boxes) to warrant another bookshelf.  #Daveshakeshishead

I know I can be dense sometimes... I just need to learn to not wallow and to walk my path with a lot more courage that I feel!  God is in control and MY kids will NEVER learn everything they NEED to know-- NO matter who teaches them.  BUT while being taught and trained by Dave and myself we can pray and seek God that they learn what GOD would have them know and in HIS timing.  Right!

Its all good right! WHOA

ON a better note with more confidence I decided on Sonlight Core G for Kate and Matt.... I spent HOURS at the local home school stores and Half Price books and have found I think all but 8 books!  I only had to buy 4 of them new and they were still fifty cents to three dollars cheaper than listed in the Sonlight catalog.  I got 5 more of the Ebay still cheaper WITH shipping  and one more at a different Half Price books So I have 2 to order.  :0)

Plus on a bonus I took all those books from my bookshelf to the Home School Store and was given the BLESSING of $113.00 for them so I got to use that to buy the majority of the books!  God is good! 

I have a post coming on ALL the books I bought-- which are a lot.. my savings- how much I SPENT and what I have left to buy! 

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