Friday, July 6, 2012

a trip to the zoo... May 2012

A couple of weeks ago-- okay more than a couple of weeks ago now.... we went to the zoo with friends from church.  Rachel and Ruthie are sisters and are just precious!  They invited us to the zoo and we had the greatest time!  We missed out on feeding the giraffes because it was crowded and I didn't see the sign with times.  I was bummed... but we will go back-- just not until the fall (I am a summertime crowd snob remember!)

We lazily made our way around the zoo finally to the back new African section which was really well done! I have lived in the Houston area my whole life so I have watched this zoo change so much! 

Just a side note memory.....
When I was young the apes were under where the lions are now and it was like a cave... the apes would THROW their feces across the huge gaping crevice area and it would hit the back wall where visitors were standing.  That wall was always stained.  I don't ever remember SEEING them do this but it was obvious that they did. 

We missed out on the Children's zoo because it started to rain, but we had such a wonderful time!

and I don't know what kind of animal THIS is... what is this look!

I have no words. 

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