Monday, July 2, 2012

It's a whole new world...... transcripts, GPA's and credits Oh, MY!

We are entering a different time period altogether. I have never graded, kept records or cared about transcripts! There has been no need. We teach to mastery, if someone wants my records they can look at my blog OR go through BOXES upon boxes of finished books, and transcripts are not needed in elementary school! As we look toward the future things are changing. I started thinking about it last year and really began moving things around in my head to make room for all the upcoming changes that will be taking place! We began looking LAST year for curriculum that would put us on the path we needed to be on! SO we made a few changes with MORE changes coming this year in preparation for next year.

Change #1 - science. We needed Kaitlin on track to start Apologia sciences, it would have been nice for her to start General Science in 7th, but I actually love that Matt and Kate are doing it together and will actually finish out their sciences together instead of me teaching three separate sciences!

Change #2- math. Kaitlin we are keeping on with Math U see, but Matt we have chosen to switch to Saxon. Matt is currently looking towards a more scienc"y" degree, possibly being an engineer and while we like Math U See and believe that it teaches math in an exceptional way... Matt will benefit from Saxon. Dave used Saxon- We can get Matt caught up to match his math with his sciences. We feel we need to make sure to do OUR job to give him the best foundation we can! This might also be the route for Emily as she also "sees" math much more like Dave than Kate and I, but we are not sure and feel we will give it one more year to decide!

Change #3- grades. I am going to start actually grading Kate's work. Yuck. Not really excited about this of course. I have every intention of continuing with our mastery plan.. I mean you do it till you learn it right! But do you put the first grade they initially got down? Do you put the grade after they checked their work down? HMMM... anyone?

Change #4- basically just the keeping track of everything and anything.  We need to track of our hours, track our grades, track our activities.... I tried last year to get into the habit of some of it but will focus this year on REALLY doing it!  This is very hard for me....I plan for Dave to set me up an Excel worksheet to track and calculate everything and I will only need to fill in the numbers. 

So what changes are coming up in your schooling choices....

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