Saturday, July 7, 2012

Currently... June 2012

Currently loving...the show  Love it or List It.... I like that it gets the House Hunters and realtors in the same show as a renovation!  It is what I like about both sides of HGTV all in one show.  Of course I want to beat some of the people but it is the concept I enjoy NOT the people!  :-)

Currently reading...FOR THE KIDS: Guardians of G'hoole (for Kaitlin) a friend has read the whole series and so I have agreed to read it.  I will say that the idea is intriguing but I have my concerns... I am just wondering where they are going with some of the ideals.  FOR ME: The Princess (Lori Wick) one of my all time favorite books.  FOR GROWTH: Secret Place Revealed by Pastor Kevin Kinchen
FOR SCHOOL: Anne of Green Gables (actually listening on Itunes- unabridged)

Currently waiting for...normal.  It is getting there!
Currently excited about...planning and doing!  I am ready to DO things.  I have Pinterest projects planned, I get to order curriculum in 17 days and I have a mini school unit to do!  I am a theme girl so anytime I have a theme I am GOLDEN! 

Currently missing...normal.  I mean in the sense of my current situation of course.... just everyday normal but also missing normal in the family.  Dealing with "D" is hard and I just feel like I am struggling with the weirdness and not knowing how to behave.  Do I "defriend" on Face book?  It is all just weird to me....and no one really wants to talk about it.... and I struggle with that also.

Currently be thankful. 

Currently working at.. keeping my fear in check and anxiety at a minimum.

Currently enjoying...having a swimming pool... The kids love every minute of it.  I do not regret or resent ONE minute of the work that it takes to maintain the pool.  It is worth it.  The kids often swim twice a day-- some times even three times!  I love it!  We stay out of the pool basically between 12-4 and are careful with lots of sunscreen.. I love and am glad that they are getting so much outside time and exercise!   

Currently using...Aleks online math program for Matt to catch up on some skills and really enjoying it.  I am seriously considering signing up for myself and going through it to brush up on stuff... I think it would help to be able to deal with the kids math if I was brushed up myself! 

Currently wearing...pajama's... basically all I have been wearing for 35 days....  :0)

Currently planning...some school stuff.  Matt's birthday party (very low key) and an American Girl Mckenna MOVIE premier party!

Currently nothing right now.  :0)

Currently needing...for my current situation to be dealt with, for life to get back to normal on a completely different note I need to get to work decorating this home.  I have been seriously PINNING!   

Currently learning...everything I ever wanted to know about IEW plus some (the kids writing curriculum for next year)

Currently listening to... HGTV  (shocker!) and Lucy is still talking even though it is night time!

 Currently wishing...I had a Sonic Ice machine.  Who doesn't wish that?

Currently doing...well blogging obviously, and fixing to grade Emily's math.  I am waiting to take a pain pill sadly and after that blessed sleep.

Currently praying for...healing. about how to deal with a situation with a friend. about our finances and about some food choices (not a diet but OUR diet)   

Currently dreaming of... a vacation... actually when people say they dream of a vacation I think of beaches or watching HGTV all the time.. I don't want that soooo I am currently dreaming of a very busy week and a half of seeing tons of wonderful things and family together and awesome pictures and experiences!

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H-Mama said...

so glad you are getting better. when mama is down, it throws everything in a loop, yes?

love it or list it is a big hit in our home, too. gracie's fave. that, and design star. ha!

have fun with your mckenna night! our theater girls get-together ended up being an american girl night, too. crazy pre-teens... umm, i mean night!!

aleks... worth it? i have the girls signed up with time4learning, but may put it on hold since we haven't been using it much lately.

normal is overrated, right?
i have a "weird friend", too.
you seriously make me want a pool.
and i need to find you on pinterest.