Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Around the World in 180 Days-- Geography Unit. Antarctica

We are doing a geography unit over the summer... It is actually called Around the World in 180 Days--- but since we are just doing it over the summer... I used this title.

We are excited to be doing it with friends!!!


We started with Antarctica!

We ate jerky (Pemmican) and biscuits (sledding biscuits)...

We mapped and learned out explorers...

Roald Amundsen
Robert Scott
Richard Byrd
Ernest Shackleton

We went to the library and watched a movie on The Titanic to conclude learning about Antarctica...

It was very neat--- they watched the film inside this dome on its ceiling... I did not watch... My claustrophobia would not allow me to go inside!!

 The kids are leaning rivers, oceans, a few major countries on each continent, culture, religion, a little history... 

stated free to use maps for educational purposes... NationsOnline.org

I got a lot of neat worksheets/ printouts from BLAKE Education.Org

We learned about the different nations represented Antarctica and saw pictures of Little America and the United States three stations there.

Here is THE South Pole!! This picture if from Wikipedia---- it states it is in the public domain.  linked to be sure.  :0)

It's going to be a fun unit!!

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