Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keepers of the Faith--- Year End Ceremony 2012/2013

We wrapped up Keepers of the Home a few weeks ago and just had our ending ceremony last Saturday.

I want to say that I love this program!  I love what it is teaching, I love the "freedom" to adjust for the needs of your group, I love that it is not attached to a national organization that TELLS us what to do, I love that there is no politics! 

I have been so blessed to be in this group with Brenda this year!  I have learned a few things myself!  My goal for the kids (girls and boys) is to leave my home with skills.  The ability to run a home, sew on a button, cook a meal, be hospitable, care for others, change a tire, learn a craft, hone a talent... these are NOT very important to the outside world UNTIL a generation cant do them!  I want my kids to be productive, helpful, and competent!

I have four years left with Kate, five with Matt and 8 with Emily. I plan to make the most of them!

We got a lot done this year! We quilted, sewed, cooked, helped, learned, visited, and expanded our horizons!

We invited the grandparents to our little ceremony...

Because we were working on scrap booking badge.. we decided to scrap book our year, so each girl has a scrapbook of all the badges and activities we worked on!

Here they are in all their pinned glory!

We ended with cookies and punch and then we all went out for dinner.

Cant wait until next year!

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