Sunday, July 28, 2013

16 years and couting... June 2013

Dave and I celebrated our 16th anniversary this June. 


I really can't believe it has been that long, or that we have an ALMOST 15year old!

Here is the beautiful Sea Wall in Galveston.

We were married at Moody Gardens so we opted to spend our day together in the sand and sun.  But with lack of funds we just did a day trip on the cheap! 

We drove down the Seawall and fondly recalled our honeymoon night at the San Luis. 

Dave has always wanted to drive over the San Luis Pass and with nothing else on our agenda and the open road ahead of us we went for it!!!

Over the Pass we go!!

On the other side there is this really neat beach access point and we opted to drive on the beach, along with the other 30 vehicles there!

  not quite white sand dunes, but pretty none the less!

until... you know what happened.... WE GOT STUCK IN THE SAND! 

Yes, we did.  I was in a little disbelief.  There were cars driving all over the beach, we though we were good and then WE WEREN'T.

So we got out and looked and Dave dug behind the tires and we pulled stuff out of the car like towels and out BACK plastic cover... so that he could put them under the tires for possible traction.

I was texting a FRIEND ( because the are so often IN Galveston... however they weren't headed there until that evening.  She promised to come help if we were still stuck.  :0)

I thought FOR FUN I would include our texts.. which made Dave seriously laugh!

Finally, defeated and convinced he could do nothing more.. Dave headed across the beach to enlist help of some sort.

I sat on the beach doing this...


taking pretty, pretty pictures.  :0)

He came back with 7 large men, who so kindly PUSHED us out of the soft sand and back onto firmer Terra.  So thankful for these kind men!!!

We hopped back into our now VERY sandy vehicle.  Glad that we hadn't had to spend money we did not have on a tow of course and $10.00 dollars richer because we found a bill while searching for something to get traction with.  (I pointed our that we are SUCH GREAT financiers that we actually not only saved money that day BUT MADE MONEY!)  :0)

We headed no further down the pass--- Dave was a little over the trip by now and we had let air pressure out of the tires (an Internet tip) so we needed to air them up.  So we headed back over the pass to Galveston and found a pump.

and then to our favorite Italian on the Island.. a restaurant we have visited since we started dating!

and shared an amazing pizza!!  They do speak English BTW AND make a great pizza!

after that we headed home to just chill and relax until we needed to pick up the kids!

It was a day with trials and laughter.. JUST LIKE OUR MARRIAGE.

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