Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Austin Girls Trip Part 2: May 2013

I had the entire trip in ONE post, but once it posted.. only half of it was there!  I have no idea what happened!  But, anyway, here is the rest of our wonderful trip!

We visited Whole Foods (it is the largest in the nation right now.... only one in London is bigger and Dallas now has the 3rd largest)  It is amazing to visit.. so much stuff!

We found this machine as we were leaving. It is called an Art- O- Mat. A group of artist used an old cigarette dispenser to dispense little art pieces. It is really neat!

we opted for Chinese delivery the second night... always a good choice!

We went to ALL THINGS CELTIC for the girl!

We had a great time gazing around the store.. we opted to NOT try the canned Haggis.  :0)

Next, we headed out of Austin toward San Marcos...

From there we headed toward Wimberly to the Wimberly GlassWorks for a tour, demonstration and just all out prettiness!!!

and from here we ate lunch-- just before the TSU college Graduation ended.. WISE!!!! and we got out of town quick! 

We had an amazing little trip.. got to just go and do as we pleased!  So much fun!!  I cant thank Vickie enough for our girls trip!!

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