Monday, December 30, 2013

Last school update of 2013...

Due to general business and multiple computer issues blogging had been pretty limited the fall... Making school updates difficult!  Well we are still schooling (I.e. Part of the general business!) and although we are behind.. We are pushing foward!

Really thinking on that algebraic conversion!!

I have since read that Year 2 for Tapestry of Grace is the hardest!  Of course it is!! In retrospect, there are aspects I wished I had left out BUT the kids are really learning!  We watched Robinhood (with Russel Crowe) the other day and I had already researched for historical inaccuracies to discuss with the kids and as the movie progressed they -of their own accord--- started discussing the exact inaccuracies!  

And this is why we are doing Tapestry of Grace! 

Emily writing with IEW...

So while we are overwhelmed... It is a good kind of overwhelming!! And we are going to keep plugging on!

Being so behind we gave the kids an ultimatum... They had to be at certain designated lessons by Jan 3 or big things were going to transpire-- or more accurate NOT transpire-- as in no spring choir for Kate.. And she has worked very hard to catch herself up... 

And while I think she will meet the deadline BY THE  SKIN OF HER TEETH... It will be close enough that we are going to have to make some serious schedule changes... I had purposed to be home more last fall and truthfully it was always this or that... Most of the "that's" being doctors appointments!! Our fall got a little messed up with Matt's accident!

But we are going back to schooling in the school room-- since he can now walk up stairs!!!

And we simply have to stay ON schedule and say NO! No to distractions! Which is hard because some of those distractions lead to the best learning situations!!! What's a girl to do!  Well we recognize which are the most important-- say no to the rest and plod our course!!

So back to weekly updates on the school front!  Back to a schedule!  Back to a plan!  And here is to LESS distraction in the new year!!!

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