Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: March 31- April 4

What was accomplished this week... a big fat nothing!  The kids had colds the first couple of days-- didn't do choir, art or sign and I was busy trying unsuccessfully to pass a kidney stone.  They got all the basics of school done like math, vocab, reading assignments,  and Latin, but that was about all! 

We rested a lot, watched some movies and read!    I don't have a single picture from this week!  

Tomorrow starts a new week and then we have Teen Pact. 

We did shop for a little while on Friday and I think Kate's wardrobe is set for Teen a Pact and we got Emily's outfit too.  

This week I need to really do school and get prepared to be gone for a whole week.  

Matt is moving onto Algebra 1 and First Form Latin... He is SO excited about his new Latin (read sarcasm here).  

Emily was flying through her math until apparently last week and as I graded her papers today it quickly became clear that we were going to need to go over a few new concepts this week! 

Kaitlin has been busy with TeenPact  homework-- this years theme is the NSA and she has been reading a pleathora of information on it... She is finishing up her two essays. 

That's it.  Hoping for a great productive upcoming week!! 

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