Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: March 7-11


Choir picture day!

That exclamation point is actually more excited that I was.... Because it meant standing in the cold/ hot (because Texas weather is finicky) from 9:30 until 2:00


Not thinking I will be that glad for the pics seeings how THIS is a decent representation of Emilys face during all the photo shots 

I guess half the other kids don't look much better...


The be crazy shot... 

We will see.... 

Anyhoo-- we got home and did school till 8:30. No lie... 


The day of driving:

To Houston,to across Houston and back home.  


Freak out about Teen Pact clothes- proceeded to another shopping adventure. 

Then art and sign... To Houston, to WAY across Houston and back home. 

Sigh. This semester IS almost over.  Yay.  

Using our -6 hour -TIME -of -driving -and waiting -for -classes -to -be -over - WISELY.  

Car schooling! 

Matt doing science questions on the laptop.
Emily reciting memory work for Teen Pact.. And lots of reading. 

But we HAD to have a snack so hot, fresh churros and Mexican cokes to the rescue!!

And then we found Christopher Comumbus!! 

Been past that park SO MANY times but never saw Ol' Christopher before.. 


Kate had gone on an adventure with Kelly to get a hair cut and find some decent makeup..that actually works for her-- this will be the third brand we have tried... Sigh.

Matt and Emily did ---WAIT FOR IT--- school work!!


School days, school days
Dear old Golden Rule days
'Reading and 'riting and 'rithmetic

No where to go.  

We started school school, had a break for a Riley situation, and started back at 10:28--- at 12:55 I looked at the clock again! 

We got assignment books checked off and added to.  We worked on memorization-- currently The Lords Prayer (in Latin) because, well because we can! 

And went over flash cards--

The eldest children and I prepared to read Everyman a play from the 1400's.  We talked about the allegorical characteristics of the characters... The history, worldview and theme of the play.  

We started a new bible study on THE SLUGGARD.  Because it is much needed around these parts... 

We broke for lunch and although our morning was quite productive it also included some consequences for disobedience too, and after lunch I was all preparing myself for another run in--

I went out to find this---

Sigh.  I left them alone to work for awhile longer... 

Finally we returned to the school room...
I really should have JUST left them alone...

Emily's math lesson ended up taking 3 hours and 15 minutes.  There was whining, complaining, crying, messing around, singing, more crying... 


Truthfully I gave up on school.. Kaitlin still has TeenPact stuff, we had to get shoes, shop for misc stuff, take dry cleaning, get the vans registration done, get a car wash and clean out the van, and clean the house! 

So that's all folks! 

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