Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 days left!!!

Alrighty Then!

The Texas Education Code requires that public schools meet 180 days per year; public school students must attend 170 days/year.

I just cut off 10 days from my 180 day year because Texas Education code allows me too-- truly I don't have to actually follow TEC, but as I CHOOSE to follow it and I am a rule follower-- I am totally psyched about this new stipulation!  Obviously the extra 10 days are to allow those who were absent to still meet the required 170 days!  We school all together-- so WE MEET IT!  There are no absentees in my school!

So as of today I have 4 more days of school!!!!!!

I think I am going to take a week off! NO GUILT!

Of course then I just think about what taking a week off will do to my plans for next "years" curriculum and I change my mind about a week off. 

THEN I think why on earth do I feel the need to start August 1?

and the merry- go- round keeps spinning!

SO the big decision is TAKE A WEEK OFF.  I told the kids and they were busting with excitement!  Then I told them we would do school 3 days a wek (minus math which will be 4) until we are through our current curriculum or a stopping point that makes sense. 

They are completely, insanely... excited!

and you know what I am excited too.



Shannon said...

;) You crack me up! It is so fun getting to make your own rules!!

Brenda said...

US TOO!! And we are taking at least a month off!!! :) Although I have no idea how many days we've met--I do know what "week" we are on and we do have a few left, which we will get to after maternity leave. I like the 3 days a week thing after...hmmm.


H-Mama said...

yay for an ending date! i should feel bad that we don't have an official cut-off date, but i don't. {insert mad-scientist laughter}